Fate Grand Order - Halloween Princess – NP Craft Essence

This is a Fate Grand Order craft essence article. This article contains Halloween NP craft essence details for Fate Grand Order [FGO]. We'll update this as soon as the game comes out.

This article contains Halloween Princess NP craft essence details for Fate Grand Order [FGO]. It also contains strategies and tips on how to use this CE.

Halloween Princess

Halloween Princess is a Noble Phantasm [NP] craft that is only available during Halloween events. Currently, the Halloween Princess craft essence is available only for the Fate Grand Order Halloween 2017 event. There are no announcements yet if this particular craft essence will be added into the permanent summoning pool.

Halloween Princess

Star Max Level Cost
5 100 12
MIN 375 250
MAX 1000 1000
Normal Increases NP Damage by 15%.
Unit starts battle with 30% NP gauge.
4th Limit Break Increases NP Damage by 20%.
Unit starts battle with 50% NP gauge.
Event Effect Increases amount of Sweet Candles dropped by 2.

How to use

One of the few hybrid Craft Essences that raises NP strength and gauge. Since Halloween Princess consists of a balance with NP damage and gauge, it works decently to sweep through any remaining enemies left on the battlefield. However, placing Halloween Princess with Caster-type servants that have innate NP gauge boosting abilities may be wasting the craft essence.

Given that the Halloween Princess adds up to both damage and gauge, the split effects faces stiff competition with other Craft Essences. Some of these other craft essences such as 4 Star Starting NP Craft Essences offer higher NP from the start. With the limitation imposed, it is better off equipped on a servant that has multiple Arts Cards in his deck. Some servants that have this kind of setting are Jeanne D’ Arc who has multiple Arts cards. Another servant that has multiple Arts cards is EMIYA who can combine this with his Magecraft ability. Not only does it increase his gauge, it also increases the strength of his Noble Phantasm: Unlimited Bladeworks.

Kaleidoscope is an alternative that trades NP Damage for higher starting NP, with The Imaginary Element being the close second. On the other hand, Black Grail trades Starting NP for raw power with Heaven’s Feel offering a more sustainable option.

Recommended Servants

Elisabeth Bathory (Halloween) Altria Pendragon EMIYA

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