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The Beast Class is another of the unconventional classes. Magi and laymen often refer to them as the Beasts of Calamity. These are creatures that only assume a form during the apocalypse. The Beast class are creatures of old; they terrify those who dare speak their name. They are capable of turning mountains into dust and devouring hundreds and thousands of people. Those under this class do not only appear during the Apocalypse. There are times that the spirits that represent this class are also demons of the Ars Goetia.

They also have another name such as the Evils of Man. According to Gilgamesh, spirits under this class reflect the sins that humanity itself embodies. Their power comes from consuming humans from within. They are the source of all the darkness that gnaws through humankind’s soul.

Combat Mechanic of the Beast Class

While the Beast Class servants are not something you can summon, they can deal heavy damage. Servants under this class are dependent on which Grand Spirit you are facing.

Beasts have a base damage multiplier of 1.0x.

Damage interactions vary depending on the Beast being fought:

  • Tiamat treats all offense and defense as neutral.
  • Goetia and all related enemies (the Demon Pillars)
    • Deal double damage to Sabers, Archers , Lancers and Berserkers.
    • Take double damage from Riders, Casters, Assassins and 50% extra damage from Berserkers.
    • Deal half damage to Avengers.
  • Beast III/R takes 20% extra damage from Moon Cancer and Alter Ego. All other classes deal and take regular damage from her.

List of Beast Class Enemies

The Servants under the Beast class do not contract with you as your heroic spirit. Instead, they appear as enemies and can drop a variety of items. The main feature of those in this class is their somewhat humanoid and animal features. Also, they tend to exhibit the aura of having a destructive and malicious aura.


B – Buster, A – Arts, Q- Quick, NP – Noble Phantasm


Name B A Q NP Type
Tiamat 1 1 1 Arts
Goetia 5 5 5 Arts
Beast III/R 2 1 3 ??

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Saber Lancer Rider Berserker
Archer Caster Shielder Assassin
Moon Cancer Avenger Alter Ego Ruler


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