Fate Grand Order - Novice Saber Wars Free Quest: Walkthrough

Guide for Novice Saber Wars Free Quest is the sub free quest during the Saber Wars Event US (2018). The Novice Saber Wars Free Quest is one of the easiest free quests in Fate Grand Order.

Novice Saber Wars Free Quest: Walkthrough

The Novice Saber Wars Free Quest is the easiest of the free quest. In comparison to the others, the Novice Saber Wars Free Quest drops a fairly good amount of All-Purpose Lenses and Transistors which can make it pretty good for farming. Majority of the time however, the Novice Saber Wars Free Quest is more ideal for farming Transistors which players can use to buy Fou Crystals from the Event Shop.

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AP Cost 20 Bond Point 215
EXP 955 QP 2400
Tendency Assassin/Rider First Reward CE EXP Card: Mysterious Substance β


Enemy Information
Battle 1/3
Automata (Lvl 10/ Assassin/ 2953 HP) Automata (Lvl 14/ Assassin/ 4052 HP) Automata (Lvl 10/ Assassin/ 2953 HP)
Battle 2/3
Automata λ (Lvl 12/ Assassin/ 3516 HP) Wyvern (Lvl 16/ Rider/ 5125 HP) Automata (Lvl 10/ Assassin/ 2953 HP)
Battle 3/3
Automata (Lvl 10/ Assassin/ 8860 HP) Blackbeard Binks (Lvl 26/ Rider/ 60160 HP) Wyvern (Lvl 16/ Assassin/ 15375 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce
Infinity Gear, Dragon Fang Purely Bloom, All-Purpose Lens, Transistor, Altrium


  • By mere observation, it is tempting to bring a caster servant to deal with the Assassin, however the party is better off with an Assassin of his own as it can soak up the damage dealt by the boss that lies at the end of the Novice Saber Wars Free Quest.
  • Take out the first wave of Automata that appear preferably with Arts Cards. That way, you
  • Chain another set of Arts command cards on the next wave in preparation for the last fight when it appears.
  • A recommended support servant is Mysterious Heroine X as she can stun all enemies to help the party buy a turn to fill their NP gauges or deal immense damage by connecting their chains.
  • Focus on chaining Arts if you are particularly worried about Edward Teach. However, you may also opt to just spam an Assassin Brave Chain or Buster Chain to make quick work of him.

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Equipment Gathering
Novice Intermediate
Advanced Expert
Comet Planet
Star Cluster Galaxy
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