Fate Grand Order - Vacuum Tubes Easy Farming Guide: Tips and Tricks

Guide for Farming Vacuum Tubes during the Saber Wars Event 2018 (US) in Fate Grand Order (FGO NA). Looking for an easy way to farm for it? Check out our Saber Wars Farming Guides here!

Vacuum Tubes Farming Guide

The Vacuum Tubes are one of the harder event items to get during the Saber Wars Event US (2018). It’s difficulty lies not in the rarity but rather from the stage that one can get it from. In fact, it’s only later on and having certain teammates that one can get through it without burning a command spell. However, there are other stages where it’s possible to farm Vacuum Tubes. It’s just not the possible max amount in farming it.

FGO Vacuum Tube

Once you start farming these however, you’ll have a better chance of bringing down one of the stages that drop the most Vacuum Tubes. Why? During the Saber Wars event, there are two Craft Essences that grant bonuses only during Saber Wars: Star of Artoria and Purely Bloom. This may not increase the drop rate of the Vacuum Tubes but it will help you get through the stage that drops the most Vacuum Tubes.

But don’t worry, here are some ways to farm the Vacuum Tubes.

Tips and Tricks: Vacuum Tube Farming

Unlike some of the events, the Vacuum Tube isn’t always based on luck (or RNG – Random Number Generator). However, there are still some ways to cheat the system, especially in farming Vacuum Tubes. Some ways include spamming stages or using multiple craft essences that increase the drop amount of the Vacuum Tubes. For an easy watch, check out the video below!

Tip#1: Farm the Star Cluster Free Quest

As of now, the Star Cluster Free Quest is the only one where one is assured of at least 10 Vacuum Tubes. Often times, this stack comes from Nikola Tesla who will be waiting for you at the end of the Star Cluster Free Quest. The Star Cluster Free Quest is also probably one of the easiest ones for Vacuum Tubes especially if you’re trying to make your way up to get the 2 Purely Bloom Craft Essences sitting in the shop. However, you’ll have a bit of an issue here if you don’t have good Lancer class servants. After all, Nikola Tesla being of the Archer class has a class advantage over your Saber class servants.

However, if you can’t farm for the vacuum tubes there, you’ll have to focus on something else.

Star Cluster Free Quest Walkthrough

Tip#2: Farm either the lower items first

For Saber Wars, you’ll find 4 copies of the Purely Bloom Craft Essences sitting in the shop. But take note, only two need Vacuum Tubes whereas the other two need All Purpose Lenses or Transistors. If you can easily blaze through the Planet or Comet quest, grabbing Transistors shouldn’t be too hard. In fact, the Planet Free Quest drops the most Transistors last checked. And if one has multiple True Shot Craft Essences, farming 150 Transistors won’t take too long!

Once you have 150 Transistors, buy the Purely Bloom Craft Essence and equip it on a servant.

Tip#3: Land of the Crimson Shadows CE

FGO Land of the Crimson Shadow

The Land of the Crimson Shadows CE is the event Craft Essence for the Saber Wars which increases the drop amount of the Vacuum Tube by 1. Unless one’s whaling, the Land of the Crimson Shadows CE can be quite hard to come by. However, there are some players do have at least one Land of the Crimson Shadows CE equipped to one of their support servants. If you’re that desperate, the craft essence will give you an extra vacuum tube per stack.

Tip#4: Head for the Galaxy Free Quest

The Galaxy Free Quest is the “real” free quest where to farm all the vacuum tubes you need. Each monster drops one stack of vacuum tubes which make the vacuum tube farming a whole lot easier. On first sight, the Galaxy Free Quest looks a whole lot easier than the Star Cluster one. Unfortunately, that’s a bit of a lie. The Galaxy Free Quest may have Lancer class enemies; but, it’s no walk in the park. Players often complained about completely limit-breaking their Purely Bloom Craft Essence first before heading there.

The Purely Bloom Craft Essence especially when at limit break increases the damage of a servant by 200%. This is increasingly helpful especially since the Galaxy Free Quest has a boss at the end which has 900,000+++ HP. It doesn’t help that this particular boss can also stun and insta-death if you’re not careful. Star of Altria can only save you once due to its additional Guts ability. However, it can only take in her hit once.

But after defeating her, players can get around 6 stacks of Vacuum Tubes which total to at least 30 per run. It’s pretty helpful especially when you’re trying to farm for particular items.

Galaxy Free Quest Walkthrough

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