Fate Grand Order - Episode 1: Lily’s Departure – Walkthrough

Guide for Episode 1: Lily's Departure. This is the first quest for the Saber Wars Event US (2018) Quests. Saber Lily finds herself at a loss due to her...

Episode 1: Lily’s Departure – Walkthrough

As Episode 1: Lily’s Departure begins, Mash and the protagonist spend time drinking some tea outside. Apparently, the protagonist and Mash decided to help Lily become stronger. As they continue training, Mash, the protagonist and Lily find themselves trying to enhance Lily’s Caliburn in order to help her become a better servant.

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FGO Episode 1: Lily's Departure

AP Cost 5 Bond Point 135
EXP 375 QP 1600
Tendency Assassin First Reward Fate GUDAGUDA Order x 1


Enemy Information
Battle 1/1
Heroine X (Lvl 15/ Assassin/ 42,744 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Saber Monument
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce


  • Since it’s the first episode, Episode 1: Lily’s Departure won’t be too difficult. In fact, the match involves a single round against Mysterious Heroine X.
  • As an Assassin class servant, she’s weak against Caster class servants. However, players can also opt to use fully powered Saber Servants to break their way through against Mysterious Heroine X.
  • Players can bring hyper offensive servants like Altera to easily cleave through Mysterious Heroine X, effectively ending the battle for Episode 1: Lily’s Departure.
  • Caesar is also a pretty good option since his attacks are single-target focused. He also can improve the power of his attacks by collecting critical stars, increasing the base damage.
  • Bringing Saber Lily will make Episode 1: Lily’s Departure a whole lot easier. At the start of the battle, all the servants affected have a Mana Burst buff on them. This in turn increases the over-all output of their Buster cards.

Saber Wars Event US (2018) Main Quests

Episode Battle Name
1 Lily’s Departure
2 Blackbeard Awakens
3 Revival of Rome
4 Awakening of the Universe
5 Answers of X
6 Journey of the Flower

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