Fate Grand Order - Episode 5: Answers of X – Walkthrough

Guide for Episode 5: Answers of X. This is the fifth quest for the Saber Wars Event US (2018) Quests. Mysterious Heroine X then reveals the reason for suddenly coming back to the past. However, she suddenly gets cut off by the appearance of another mysterious heroine...

Episode 5: Answers of X – Walkthrough

With Mysterious Heroine X as her mentor, Saber Lily finalizes her training in Episode 5: Answers of X – Walkthrough. As Mysterious Heroine X rebuilds her ship, she then begins to reveal the reason why she returned to the past. The truth was – her future suffered a complete imbalance that she had to return back in time to fix things. But before she could finally fix things, another servant appears to join the fray…

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FGO Episode 5: Answers of X

AP Cost 5 Bond Point 235
EXP 1120 QP 2600
Tendency Assassin First Reward Saint Quartz


Enemy Information
Battle 1/1
Heroine Z (Lvl 32/ Assassin/ 101, 376)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce


  • Episode 5: Answers of X is a relatively easy quest. However, it will become a problem if your characters are not high leveled enough. Mysterious Heroine Z being an Assassin class makes her vulnerable to Caster class servants.
  • However, with high enough Sabers, players can also complete the Episode 5: Answers of X without much difficulty. Having two Saber class servants with Starting NP craft essences can wipe her out easily.
  • After defeating her, you’ll be done with the Episode 5: Answers of X.

Saber Wars Event US (2018) Main Quests

Episode Battle Name
1 Lily’s Departure
2 Blackbeard Awakens
3 Revival of Rome
4 Awakening of the Universe
5 Answers of X
6 Journey of the Flower

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