Fate Grand Order - Episode 3: Revival of Rome – Walkthrough

Guide for Episode 3: Revival of Rome. This is the third quest for the Saber Wars Event US (2018) Quests. Saber Lily finds herself more partners to help improve.

Episode 3: Revival of Rome – Walkthrough

With Mysterious Heroine X as her mentor, Saber Lily continues her training in Episode 3: Revival of Rome – Walkthrough. As Mysterious Heroine X rebuilds her ship, Saber Lily then asks her about her memories and her origins. While Mysterious Heroine X tells them of her story, she is suddenly interrupted by three different servants.

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AP Cost 5 Bond Point 195
EXP 790 QP 2200
Tendency Saber/ Caster/ Archer/ Rider First Reward Saint Quartz


Enemy Information
Battle 1/3
Wyvern σ (Lvl 16/ Rider/ 5125 HP)
Battle 2/3
Wyvern σ (Lvl 16/ Rider/ 5125 HP) Wyvern σ (Lvl 16/ Rider/ 5125 HP) Wyvern σ (Lvl 16/ Rider/ 5125 HP)
Battle 3/3
Companion’s Ally
(Lvl 20/Archer/9855 HP)
Travelling Emperor
(Lvl 22/ Saber/ 27,655 HP)
Companion Fox Shrine Maiden
(Lvl 20/ Caster/ 14,046 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Archer Monument, Caster Monument, Saber Monument Gem of Rider
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce
Dragon Fang Vacuum Tube, All-Purpose Lens, Altrium


  • Episode 3: Revival of Rome has multiple enemies which can be quite a pain to deal with. The first wave has a bunch of Wyverns which are perfect for Mysterious Heroine X’s noble phantasm. However, what you’ll have to watch out for is the Fatal Battle waiting at the end of Episode 3: Revival of Rome where you’ll have three servants to kill.
  • The one with the lowest HP and shortest amount of time to replenish his NP is EMIYA. However, he is an Archer class with a multi-hit noble phantasm. If you have no Lancers in your team, focus all your attacks on him.
  • Tamamo no Mae is not too much of a threat. Threat-wise, Nero and EMIYA are the only two offensive servants. Taking them down should be a priority. Unless, you wanna get creamed then that’s okay too…
  • Priority-wise would be: EMIYA > Nero > Tamamo no Mae. After that, Episode 3: Revival of Rome shouldn’t be a problem.

Saber Wars Event US (2018) Main Quests

Episode Battle Name
1 Lily’s Departure
2 Blackbeard Awakens
3 Revival of Rome
4 Awakening of the Universe
5 Answers of X
6 Journey of the Flower

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