[Fate Grand Order / FGO] Expert Battle – Three Heroes of China

This article contains the walkthrough and guide on how to defeat the Expert-ranked Battle of Three Heroes of China in Fate Grand Order [FGO].

This article contains the walkthrough and guide on how to defeat the Expert-ranked Battle of Three Heroes of China in Fate Grand Order [FGO]. This battle also entails tips and tricks on how to quickly finish the battle.

Expert Battle – Three Heroes of China

three heroes


AP Cost  30 Bond Point 1030
EXP 20,380 QP 10,800
Tendency Berserker/ Caster/ Assassin First Reward Claws of Chaos x5
3,000,000 QP
(First-Completion Reward)


Enemy Information
Battle 1/3
Qiongji (Lvl 5/Berserker/ 10,935 HP) Qiongji (Lvl 5/Berserker/ 10,935 HP) Qiongji (Lvl 5/Berserker/ 10,935 HP)
Battle 2/3
White Qiongji (Lvl 20/Berserker/ 58,320 HP)
Battle 3/3
Jing Ke (Lvl 40/ Assassin/ 42,688 HP) Zhuge Liang (Lvl 40/ Caster/ 59,384 HP) Lu Bu Fengxian (Lvl 40/ Berserker/ 42,736 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Magic Gem of Berserker
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce
Claw of Chaos Gold Medal x 5~10, 3000 QP


  • First wave pits you immediately against 3 Chimeras. Cast DEF buffs to patch up your defenses then aim for an Arts chain or Brave Chain to garner NP.
  • A lone White Chimera awaits at the second wave. Employ an Arts or Brave Chain making sure to get NP during your turns in preparation for the last wave.
  • Jing Ke has the lowest Charge making her the primary target to prevent any NP. By this wave, your DEF buff cooldown should have just expired so before you make a move, cast it for cover. Follow up with an ATK buff or NP strength raise then unleash a Buster Chain or Brave Chain while connecting the NP for some serious damage. Finish off Jing Ke with a Brave Chain or Buster Chain if you have it. If your own Zhuge Liang manages to reach full NP, cast it to cripple the enemy servants. Feel free to use Mash Kyrielight ‘s Obscurant Wall of Chalk if one of your servants is running low on HP, then deal with Lu Bu Fengxian to avoid any potential threats from his Berserker NP as his ally will likely apply buff on him in the process. Finish the remaining Zhuge Liang with an Arts Chain or Brave Chain. He will attempt to foil your plans with several NPs by this time, try to connect chains and unleash your own Unreturning Formation to cripple him. In time, your offensive servant will have gained enough charge to cast a devastating NP to finish this once and for all.
  • Team Build used:
    • Altera (Lvl 70/ Saber) – Tactics (Lvl 4), Natural Body (Lvl 4)
    • Mash Kyrielight (Lvl 40/ Shielder) – Transient Wall of Snowflakes (Lvl 2), Obscurant Wall of Chalk (Lvl 2)
    • Zhuge Liang (Lvl 70/ Caster) – Discerning Eye (Lvl 1), Tactician’s Advice (Lvl 2)
  • Another potential strategy is having Zhuge Liang, EMIYA, and Altria Pendragon.

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  1. Borrow a powerful Zhuge and an AOE NP of your own like Kiyohime or Emiya. Activate attack buff in the last stage for the AOE NP. Then release Zhuge’s NP, followed by the AOE.
    If the enemies still alive then kill assassin first since it could insta-kill your servant then the berserker. Enemy’s Zhuge does not have strong atk so you can leave him for the last.

    My team: L40 Martha, L40 Kiyohime, L80 Zhuge

    My team above is barely there. Sometime I lose because Martha and Kiyohime is still too weak.

    • Hmm, if Kiyohime is your main Damage Dealer in the team, maybe focus on powering up Kiyohime’s NP? Martha has more Arts Cards than Kiyohime so fuelling her NP won’t be difficult. Kiyohime’s NP allows her to stun and burn which can really help in delaying NP charging? 🙂

      • Well anyway thats the plan…
        But I am still wondering maybe I should just participate in 20 AP instead of leveling her…
        It’s an event after all

        • Hi axeven, you could since it still grants Gold Medals if you were planning to farm for those. For the Expert battle, I found that even with 2 hyper-offensive servants it is possible to get wiped on the second wave. Is your Zhuge Liang able to gain NP for the last wave after using it on the second? Usually, you would want to have a full NP so that you can instantly cripple/ attack the group of servants. I usually assign the support Zhuge to perform his NP on the white chimera as sometimes the AI tends to charge 3 times, raising its damage drastically.

  2. I’m not sure how the drops range in the event. I got two more claws of chaos (from the multiple chimeras i guess lol) but also just got the Nightless Rose CE as an actual drop?? Like holy sht that’s amazing. I’m guessing that it’s an incredibly rare drop, but doesn’t that pretty much make the event kind of easy? Since it’s a limited time item and all