Fate Grand Order - Farming Pumpkin Lanterns Easy: Tips and Tricks

Farming Pumpkin Lanterns are not easy to come by. Looking for ways to farm Pumpkin Lanterns? Check out our guide here for some easy tips and tricks.

Farming Pumpkin Lanterns Easy

Farming Pumpkin Lanterns may take awhile due to it only dropping from a Gold Chest. Other times, the Pumpkin Lanterns appear as a reward from some of the quests. Hence, farming the Pumpkin Lanterns, despite the rarity, is not as difficult as it appears. Even with the low drop rate of this FGO Halloween Event Item, players only need a few Pumpkin Lanterns to actually buy the items they need. One of the most coveted items in the shop would Elisabeth Bathory (Halloween) herself to boost her NP.

Elisabeth Bathory Halloween
Elizabeth Bathory (Halloween)

Unfortunately, there is no sure-fire way to actually farm the Pumpkin Lanterns. However, there are still some ways to ease the difficulty especially in farming the Pumpkin Lanterns.

Farming Pumpkin Lanterns
Happy Halloween! Enjoy your Pumpkin Lantern!

Tips and Tricks: Pumpkin Lanterns

The drop amount for Pumpkin Lanterns can increase if players have the Little Halloween Devil craft essence equipped onto one of their servants. However, getting this craft essence may take awhile as it has an extremely low drop rate. Otherwise, players will have to spend Saint Quartz in order to get the Little Halloween Devil.

Tip#1: Stack Little Halloween Devil

The Little Halloween Devil is a craft essence that cannot be bought. Players must roll for it using Saint Quartz which may take some time. Particularly, stacking the Little Halloween Devil craft essence may be the most expensive method since players need to spend time or money to get it. However, if you do get it, players can use the Little Halloween Devil Craft essence in order to increase the amount of Pumpkin Lanterns dropped.

Tip#2: Find a support with the Little Halloween Devil

If the RNG (Random Number Generator) does not smile upon you, you might have to find an ally who has the Little Halloween Devil Craft Essence. Luckily, most of the Pumpkin Lanterns that drop come in a stack of 3. Hence, an additional 1 for Pumpkin Lanterns can go a long way.

Tip#3: Farm the lowest AP

While the drop rate varies for the three other FGO Halloween Event Items, the Pumpkin Lanterns seem to be consistent across stages. Therefore, choosing which stage to farm from highly depends on the amount of AP a player has. Though, personally, it’s better to farm from the lower AP areas as it can recharge faster. At the same time, the more you farm in that one area, the higher the chances are in getting a Pumpkin Lantern from an enemy.

The Pumpkin Lantern FGO Halloween Event Item usually drops from a Pumpkin Head enemy. Higher level creatures such as the Scarecrow have a higher chance of dropping their specific Halloween Item. For example, the Scarecrow has a higher chance of dropping the Sweet Candle in comparison to a Mischievous Bat or a Petit Cupcake. Horror Wyverns drop Mischievous Bats more than Sweet Candles which leaves the Pumpkin Heads dropping Pumpkin Lanterns.

Tip#4: Watch out for the Surprise Quests

The Surprise Quests are possibly the only things that drop a Pumpkin Lantern. Also, they seem to have a higher drop rate for that item since they usually have more Pumpkin Heads than most levels. Unfortunately, these quests only refresh at a certain time. Every 12:00 AM/PM UST, the Surprise Quest refreshes with a new set. Each of them drop one Pumpkin Lantern that players can use to buy items in the Halloween Exchange Shop.

Surprise Quests also have a higher chance of dropping Pumpkin Lanterns due to having more Pumpkin Head spawns. Unfortunately, one Surprise Quest will take out 30 AP which will take you 150 minutes or 2.5 hours to replenish.

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