Fate Grand Order - Farming Mischievous Bats Easy: Tips and Tricks

Farming mischievous bats can be quite a chore especially for the current Halloween 2017 Event (US) in Fate Grand Order. Here are some easy ways to farm it..

Farming Mischievous Bats Easy

Farming mischievous bats in the Halloween 2017 Event (US) for Fate/ Grand Order isn’t easy. With the AP charging every 5 minutes to one, it’s quite difficult. Especially, since the mischievous bats only seem to drop in the higher AP costing quests for the Mad Party 2017 event. And if you’re trying to fully ascend your Elisabeth Bathory (Halloween), players need Mischievous Bats in order to get the Tinkle Candy.

While the Party Quests do drop Golden Fruits as prizes, check out our mini Halloween guide below for farming mischievous bats easy.

mischievous bats

Tips and Tricks: Farming Mischievous Bats

Some of these tips and tricks in farming mischievous bats may include stacking Craft Essences that increase the drop amount of a certain item. However, we’ll also tackle AP amounts and how it can benefit in the long run especially in getting consistent drops for farming mischievous bats.

Tip#1: Don’t fuse the Mischievous Bat Craft Essences

As tempting as it is to fuse for better stats and limit breakthrough, don’t fuse the Maid in Halloween Craft essence just yet. While it does have a good HP buff, it also increases the amount of bats dropped by 2. If you have two of the Maid in Halloween craft essences, you can easily increase the drop amount by 4. Another craft essence that works is the Halloween Arrangement which increases the drop rate by 1.

However, spreading the craft essences across your servants may mess up whatever combo you have planned for your team. However, these two specific craft essences work with niche-based servants. For example, the Halloween Arrangement works best with Georgios because of his Guardian Knight skill which pulls attacks towards him. Since he’s a defensive-type servant, the Taunt should draw the fire away from your softer servants to allow them to deal heavy damage.

Tip#2: Farm between the Third Stage and the Second Stage

Why the Third Stage and Second Stage? When farming Mischievous Bats, farming it at the Final Stage lessens your chances. Most of the drops I got there were mostly Sweet Candles which is good also especially if you want ascension materials. However, if you’re focusing purely on ascending Elisabeth Bathory (Halloween) then, focus on those two stages first.

Tip#3: Bring Servants with Multi-Hit Noble Phantasms

Surprise Quest Visitor of the Long Night Enemies 2

The fun part about the Fate Grand Order Halloween 2017 Event (US) is knocking down the multiple enemies. Unlike the usual quests, it’s problematic when you’re trying to choose which enemy to prioritize. Hence, it’s better to get servants who have multi-hit noble phantasms. The arrangement can involve 2 cannons (two servants with multi-hit NP) and one support. However, the support is the one with a requirement: having a lot of Arts command cards. This makes it quicker for farming Mischievous Bats.

In order to completely fill up the servant’s NP gauge, you’ll need a servant or two (for faster charging) that has an Arts card almost every turn. Some servants that fall under this category are EMIYA (who coincidentally has a multi-hit noble phantasm), Zhuge Liang (debuff specialist), and Martha (healing and support). While Jeanne D’ Arc can do the same thing, her NP’s self-stun may throw off your rhythm unless she’s already finished her second interlude.

Tip#4: Use your Golden Fruits wisely

farming mischievous bats

Although there’s a lot of Golden Fruits because of the Party Quests, using it immediately is a bad idea. While some players immediately want to level up to completely refill their AP bar, it’s sometimes better to wait it out. There’s a bit of AP math about this especially when considering the EXP gain from one quest and the AP spent along with the AP regen.

For example: you’ll be farming Mischievous Bats from the Third Stage. Every run of the Third Stage uses up 30 AP; each AP lost will take around 5 minutes to replenish. If you’re a mid-level player, using the Third Stage as a farm will be quite beneficial. You’ll have 5690 EXP every run plus you’ll spend 2 hours 30 minutes replenishing. However, if your EXP bar has a lower amount which the 20 AP can fill, it’s better to go for the Second Stage instead of farming the Third Stage.

The math will then look like this:

Sample Math: (30 AP)

30 AP = 150 minutes = 2 hours and 30 minutes

Assuming the player has 120 AP:

30x = 120
x = 4

Equation for EXP: 5690x

Since x = 4:
= 5690(4)
= 22760 EXP Gained

Sample Math: (20 AP)
20 AP = 100 minutes = 1 hour and 40 minutes

Assuming the player has 120 AP:

20x = 120

x = 6

EXP Gained: 2190x

Since x = 6:
= 2190(6)
= 13140 EXP Gained

Tip#5: Watch out for the Party Quests

Mysterious Party VI Quest

The party quests refill every 8:00 and 20:00 UST. Not only do these quests drop Golden Fruits at the end but, some of them also drop Mischievous Bats. The current set, the Lunatic Party, seems to have a higher rate of Mischievous Bat drops as I was able to get 15 in one run. After that, you can also use the Golden Fruits but don’t forget to use them wisely. (Please refer to Tip#4.)

Farming mischievous bats however still needs a bit of RNG or luck. But eventually, there will be drops especially when farming mischievous bats.

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