Fate Grand Order - Farming Sweet Candles Easy: Tips and Tricks

Farming Sweet Candles can be hard. Pumpkin Lanterns are a reward but Sweet Candles need some grinding in the Fate Grand Order Halloween 2017 event.

Farming Sweet Candles Easy

Personally, farming Sweet Candles has been the easiest part about the Fate Grand Order Halloween 2017 Event (US). Considering the Sweet Candles can buy you a variety of hard-to-get ascension items, you’ll need a lot of them. One ascension item is around 60 Sweet Candles, which everyone wants to burn immediately to buy the items. While Mischievous Bats can get you Tinkle Candy, you’ll still want the Sweet Candles more. Based on rarity, Sweet Candles rival the drop rate of Mischievous Bats.

Sweet Candle
Sweet Candles – your token to all your ascension materials!

Tips and Tricks: Sweet Candles Farming

Farming Sweet Candles is heavily RNG based, just like the other Halloween 2017 Event Items. However, there are still some ways to cheat the system, especially in farming sweet candles. Some ways include spamming stages or using multiple craft essences that increase the drop amount of the Sweet Candles. For an easy watch, check out the video below!

Tip#1: 3 Star Servant + Halloween Princess combination

Halloween Princess
Halloween Princess CE

3 Star Servants have a lower cost in comparison to the 4 Star Servants and 5 Star Servants. Each 3 Star Servant costs around 7 points to retain in the team. Assuming you run a full team of 3 Star Servants, you’ll have a total cost of 35 points (minus support).

Once you have a full team of 3 Star Servants, you can add the Halloween Princess Craft Essence. Each Halloween Princess Craft Essence costs 12 Party Points, totaling 60 points. If you can’t summon it from the pool, you can buy it from the exchange shop for some Mischievous Bats. Here’s what the math looks like:

Servant and CE Cost Calculation:

# of Stars Party Cost (per Servant)
5 star 16
4 star 12
3 star 7

Step 1: 

farming sweet candles

Fill the entire team with 3 Star Servants:

= Party Cost (based on stars) x the amount in party
3 star servants x 5
= 7 x 5
= 35 Servant Cost

Step 2:

Since the Halloween Princess Craft Essence is a 5 Star craft essence, it has a 12 point cost to use in battle. The fun part is, the Halloween Princess Craft Essence increases the strength of your NP while giving it a headstart at 30%. Best to use it on servants who have offense-based Noble Phantasms to abuse the extra +15% NP strength. This will give your servants an advantage in easily finishing battles while farming sweet candles.

However, in choosing servants, I suggest getting servants that are not only offensive-types but also those who wield multi-hit noble phantasms. Some of the servants include Romulus, Robin Hood, Medusa, Kiyohime, Hector, Darius III, Lu Bu, and Gilles De Rais.

Halloween Princess Craft Essence x 5
= 12 x 5
= 60 Craft Essence Cost

Once you’re done with that, add the craft essences onto each of the servants. From there, your total cost should be around 95 for the entire party.

Step 3: Overall total

=(Servant Cost) + (Craft Essence Cost)
= 35 + 60
= 95 Total Cost

When you finish adjusting your team, you’ll now have a chance of getting +10 to all your Sweet Candle stacks upon drop. For some battles, they can drop as many as 3 stacks of Sweet Candles, which amounts to at least 30 Sweet Candles. This focuses more only on farming sweet candles individually, not including the support yet which will be part of Tip #2.

Tip#2: Find a support servant with the Halloween Princess CE

farming sweet candles - support

In addition to Tip#1, having a support servant among your friends that use the Halloween Princess CE can be useful. Not only does it not have any additional CE cost, some of your friends’ servants can actually carry the battle for you. Since some 3 Star Servants have a level limit of 70, you’re free to choose any support servant of any star rank without it having to damage your Total Cost. With that, battles faced while farming Sweet Candles become a little easier.

Tip#3: Final Stage Farming

Similar to the Mischievous Bat Farm pathway, farming Sweet Candles follows almost exactly the same path. The one exception is that farming Sweet Candles takes a little more grit and work due to their low drop rates. However, farming Sweet Candles in the Final Stage works best despite it taking a lot of AP. As of now, the other stages do seem to have a chance but with lower drop rates.

Tip#4: Use your Golden Fruits wisely

farming mischievous bats

Although there are a lot of Golden Fruits because of the Party Quests, using them immediately is a bad idea. While some players immediately want to level up to completely refill their AP bar, it’s sometimes better to wait it out. There’s a bit of AP math about this, especially when considering the EXP gain from one quest and the AP spent along with the AP regen.

For example, you’ll be farming Sweet Candles from the Final Stage. Every run of the Final Stage uses up 40 AP; each AP lost will take around 5 minutes to replenish. If you’re a mid-level player, using the Third Stage as a farm will be quite beneficial. You’ll have 5690 EXP every run plus you’ll spend 2 hours 30 minutes replenishing. However, if your EXP bar has a lower amount which the 20 AP can fill, it’s better to go for the Second Stage instead of farming the Third Stage.

The math will then look like this:

Sample Math: (40 AP)

40 AP = 200 minutes = 3 hours and 20 minutes

Assuming the player has 120 AP:

40x = 120
x = 3

Equation for EXP: 10190x

Since x = 3:
= 10190(4)
= 40760 EXP Gained

Sample Math: (30 AP)

30 AP = 150 minutes = 2 hours and 30 minutes

Assuming the player has 120 AP:

30x = 120

x = 4

EXP Gained: 5690x

Since x = 4:
= 5690(4)
= 22760 EXP Gained

Tip#5: Watch out for the Party Quests

Mysterious Party VI Quest

The party quests refill every 8:00 and 20:00 UST. Not only do these quests drop Golden Fruits at the end but, some of them also drop Sweet Candles. The current set, the Lunatic Party, seems to have a higher rate of silver drops as I was able to get 15 in one run. After that, you can also use the Golden Fruits but don’t forget to use them wisely. (Please refer to Tip#4.)

Farming Sweet Candles however still needs a bit of RNG or luck. But eventually, there will be drops, especially when farming Sweet Candles.

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