Fate Grand Order - [Fate Grand Order/FGO] Melty Sweetheart – ATK/DEF Craft Essence

This article contains a guide on Melty Sweetheart, an ATK/DEF craft essence for Fate Grand Order [FGO]. It covers the stats and recommended servants.

Melty Sweetheart

The Melty Sweetheart Craft Essence is a craft essence that recently made its debut during the Valentines 2018 Event for Fate Grand Order on January 25, 2018. When players equip the craft essence during the Valentine’s Event, players get an additional +2 Choco Coins for all classes. However, it also has additional buffs such as nullifying damage from Male enemies which could be quite useful against Male servants who are either Female-killers or servants with a class affinity against the servant.

FGO Melty Sweetheart Craft Essence

Star Max Level Cost
 5  100 12
MIN 750 0
MAX  3,000  0
Normal Defense increased by 100% against Male enemies (3 attacks)
Critical star generation +10%.
4th Limit Break  Defense increased by 100% against Male enemies (3 attacks)
Critical star generation +20%.

How to use

The Melty Craft Essence works well on servants who are quite squishy. Since it has a defense up trait coming from the craft essence, it grants squishy servants sustainability. If the player knows they’ll be going against a male enemy, equipping the Melty Sweetheart Craft Essence will allow them to survive several attacks. Even with the defense, the NP gauge of the servant equipped with this craft essence will increase especially if combined with Golden Rule or Journey of the Flowers (Altria Lily).

Other servants who can possibly benefit from this would be servants from the Berserker class. Because the Berserker class takes increased damage from all servant classes, the Melty Sweetheart Craft Essence can grant them a form of sustainability in combat. Players can also opt to simply further the sustainability of some servants such as Jeanne D’ Arc or Mash Kyrielight, to allow them to further support their allies.

Recommended Servants

Medusa Ushiwakamaru Jing Ke
Kiyohime Heracles Jeanne D’ Arc
 Mash Kyrielight

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