Fate Grand Order - Intermediate Saber Wars Free Quest: Walkthrough

Guide for Intermediate Saber Wars Free Quest is the sub free quest during the Saber Wars Event US (2018). The Intermediate Saber Wars Free Quest is one of the equipment gathering quests that players can go through to farm for some items.

Intermediate Saber Wars Free Quest: Walkthrough

The Intermediate Saber Wars Free Quest is another Free Quest that’s only available during the Saber Wars Event 2018 (US). This particular quest costs around 25 AP and drops a consistent amount of Transistors and All Purpose Lenses. These two FGO Event Items then can be exchanged in the Event Shop for more prizes. Players can choose also to farm here to farm both items at the same time.

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AP Cost 25 Bond Point 315
EXP 2190 QP 3400
Tendency Rider/Saber/Berserker First Reward CE EXP Card: Mysterious Substance β


Enemy Information
Battle 1/3
Wyvern (Lvl 20/ Rider/ 6322 HP) Wyvern σ (Lvl 22/ Rider/ 6951 HP) Wyvern (Lvl 20/ Rider/ 6322 HP)
Battle 2/3
Wyvern σ (Lvl 12/ Rider/ 6951 HP) Helter Skelter (Lvl 16/ Saber/ 6951 HP) Automata (Lvl 10/ Rider/ 6951 HP)
Battle 3/3
Wyvern (Lvl 20/ Assassin/ 18967 HP) Catberlyn (Lvl 24/ Rider/ 90304 HP) Helter Skelter (Lvl 24/ Assassin/ 23829 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce
Infinity Gear, Dragon Fang Purely Bloom, Vacuum Tube, All-Purpose Lens, Transistor, Altrium


  • With multiple Rider class enemies for the Intermediate Saber Wars Free Quest, bringing an Assassin class servant sounds like a relatively good idea. However, you’re going to have to watch out for the Berserker class servant waiting for you at the end of the whole thing.
  • Trash through the Rider class enemies with an Assassin class servant. So much the better if you have Mysterious Heroine X since she has a skill that increases her damage against Saber class enemies such as those pesky Helter Skelters.
  • Once you get through, you’ll face Catberlyn (AKA Tamamo Cat) who’s a Berserker class servant. She’ll be serving as the final boss for the Intermediate Saber Wars Free Quest. Watch out though that she can decrease NP strength which can really put a stop to your attacks. But once you put her down, everything else would be easy.
  • Focus down Tamamo Cat first to have an easy time battling her. Knocking down the other two monsters will give her a chance to attack three times which will really hurts compared to the other two enemies.

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