Fate Grand Order - Master Missions – January 1 ~ January 7

Guide to the weekly Master Missions - January 1 ~ January 7. Check here for easy ways to farm those Saint Quartz to have a chance to summon Arjuna and Karna

Master Missions

Welcome to our Fate Grand Order Master Missions Guide! Master Missions – January 1 ~ January 7 are part of the Fate Grand Order weekly quest system that you can perform while doing other battles. They refresh every week, and they award Saint Quart Fragments. Players then can exchange them for valuable Saint Quartz.

For January 1 ~ January 7, majority of the Fate Grand Order master missions may require certain gems to be hunted down. However, for those not in a hurry and to have an easier time, players can farm the Training Grounds. Depending on what level they are, the gems will drop for the class they decided to farm for.

However for those who want to do the mission easily, they can always exploit the lowest quest AP for this mission. But, this also depends on the kinds of ascension materials the players need. Some of the Fate Grand Order English Master Missions dictated for Master Missions – January 1 ~ January 7 can be quite annoying as they are time-gated.

If you need more information, don’t forget to check out Fate Grand Order Database here!

Master Missions - January 1 ~ January 7

Master Missions – January 1 ~ January 7

No Requirements Rewards
1 Defeat “8” Divine Servants. Saint Quartz Fragment x2
2 Defeat “3” Good Servants.
3 Defeat “3” Evil Servants.
4 Defeat 30 Enemies (excluding Servants and section bosses).
5 Defeat “10” Male Enemies.
6 Defeat “10” Female Enemies
7 Complete all the Master Missions for this week.

Master Missions – January 1 ~ January 7: Tips and Tricks for the Week

  • Mission 1 requires you to go Divine Servant hunting. Players could have hunted in the Archer Training Ground where Scathach would easily check Gilgamesh. Players can also opt to check the Saber training grounds for any possible other servants with the Divine trait.
  • Missions 2 and 3 involve hunting servants of certain alignments. Best place to search is through the Training Grounds as players are assured a servant at the final stage of the three waves. Good and Evil alignments vary across different servants but Sanson is an ideal Evil Hunter to make your hunting Evil servants easier.
  • Missions 5 is easily accomplished by hunting down soldiers in Septem. Mission 6 involves Female enemies which appear in the Caster Training Ground.

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