Fate Grand Order - Mystic Code: Chaldea Strategy

This page contains the Mystic Code: Chaldea Strategy for Fate Grand Order [FGO]. It includes the initial Assigned Skills, Cooldown, and Strategy. We will be updating this as we go along.

This page contains the Mystic Code Chaldea Strategy for Fate Grand Order [FGO]. It includes the initial Assigned Skills, Cooldown, and Strategy.

Mystic Code Chaldea Strategy

Mystic Code Chaldea Strategy

The default Master Equipment worn by the Master and customizable in the Party Setup Formation tab. It offers a balance of offense and defense through the following set of Assigned Skills.

Assigned Skills

Skill Cooldown Effect
First Aid 9~7 Greatly restore an ally’s HP
Instant Enhancement 15~13 Significantly increase one ally’s ATK
Emergency Evade 15~13 Apply Evade for one ally


Despite being a default Master Equipment, it offers a variety of buffs that can be cast on one servant either in 1 turn or spread across different turns. It can adapt to most situations such as avoiding being wiped by employing the Emergency Evade at the right time. Hyper-offensive servants will also appreciate Instant Enhancement because the buff will stack with other Attack Skills such as Gilgamesh’s Charisma.

One of the downsides to using this Mystic Code is that the Skill Emergency Evade does not grant immunity against certain attacks such as those that deal Sure-hit effects as well as Skills that allow servants to Pierce Invincibility. Another troublesome Status is Death coming from an enemy servant’s Noble Phantasm. To mitigate the risks, prevention through Craft Essences, or effects that cast Petrify can help buy time to take out the enemy before their NP connects.

Sample Team Build

Chaldea NP Burst Team: Zhuge LiangEMIYAAltria Pendragon

  • Zhuge Liang
    • Upon hitting third ascension, he unlocks his third move: Tactician’s Command. This grants an attack buff and NP Gauge charge to all allies in the area. However, Tactician’s Advise can work as well to increase NP Gauge along with Discerning Eye.
    • If he is using the Formalcraft build, he can easily complete his NP Gauge in 4 turns.
    • His Unreturning Formation is useful especially against enemies with short NP gauges.
    • As a means to prevent him from taking too much damage, there’s First Aid and Emergency Evasion to keep him alive.
    • If using Formalcraft or any NP Gain Craft Essence such as Divine Banquet, he can easily fill up his NP Gauge in 5 turns.
    • This allows him to spam his Unlimited Blade Works, lowering the attack power and destroying his enemies.
    • EMIYA however may sometimes appear soft due to his single turn Evasion skill – Mind’s Eye (True). To prevent him from taking too much damage, either use Emergency Evasion or First Aid.
  • Altria Pendragon
    • Altria serves as the cannon of the team. Her main asset would be her Charisma and Mana Burst.
    • Once her NP Gauge reaches 100%, buff Altria with her Charisma, Mana Burst, Zhuge Liang‘s Tactician’s Command and Instant Enhancement before unleashing Excalibur. Her damage should amount to at least 50,000.

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