Fate Grand Order - Okeanos, Third Singularity Release Date: September 28, 2017!

Masters of Chaldea, rejoice! Fate Grand Order has finally revealed the release date for the third singularity: Okeanos after 95 days since release!

Okeanos, Third Singularity Release Date

Magi of Chaldea and all over the world, rejoice! We have long awaited for the third singularity to come out! And now we have a date! The North American team decided to finally open the gates to Okeanos on September 28, 2017! With that, we finally get to see other servants. Who knows what other servants may appear? But based on the trailer, we finally see one of the great pirates of the seven seas: Francis Drake!


Source: MMOs Website

But what about the iOs?

iOS users are at a loss of what to do especially with the new update for iOS 11.0 coming out for the Apple phones. However, Delight Works – the company responsible for localizing FGO – has not announced anything yet about releasing a version of FGO that can work well with iOS. The only thing we can suggest for the Chaldea Magi that use Apple Phones is to hold off the update until Delight Works comes up with a working version for them to play Okeanos smoothly.

Other released servants?

As of now, there are no other servants just yet. But if the game does follow the Japanese version, this means that limited event servant Orion may finally appear as a permanent part of the summoning pool! However, she won’t be alone. If players remember playing the Japanese version, Okeanos also revealed several other servants such as Medea (Lily) and Hector! Time to save up those valuable Saint Quartz if you intend to summon your favourite servant and/or your waifu/husbando.

Any word on the other events?

Based on the Japanese version, Halloween should be right up the corner with Elizabeth Bathory revealing two new forms. There’s Elisabeth Bathory (Brave) and Elisabeth Bathory (Caster). We don’t know if this event will occur the same time as the release for Okeanos. However, if it does – we’re going to have some big problems on what to prioritize.

Ready with your servants, magi of Chaldea? The Holy Grail beckons you to the waters of Okeanos…

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