Fate Grand Order - Royal Party IV Quest: Walkthrough

Royal Party IV Quest - time to make way for the kings and queens of old. Some of them are not of royal blood but instead, divine blood in Fate Grand Order.

Royal Party IV Quest

The Royal Party IV Quest is the fourth of the Royal Party Quests for the Fate Grand Order Halloween 2017 Event (US). From here in this Fate Grand Order Database, players can farm a variety of items such as sweet candles, mischievous bats, petit cakes, and, possibly – pumpkin lanterns. Each enemy has a variety of items which they drop; opening several choices for the players. Players can either convert them to Petit Cakes or even buy items that are specific to those specific FGO event items.

You’ll find the items in Exchange Shop.

Royal Party IV Quest


AP Cost 20 Bond Point 415
EXP 5690 QP 4400
Tendency ? First Reward Golden Fruit x 1


Enemy Information
Battle 1/3
Euryale (Lvl 30/ Archer/ 9974 HP) Boudica (Lvl 30/ Rider/ 10,628 HP) Martha (Lvl 30/ Rider/ 12,239 HP)
Battle 2/3
Stheno (Lvl 30/ Assassin/ 10789 HP) Shakespeare (Lvl 30/ Caster/ 8985 HP) Marie Antoinette (Lvl 30/ Rider/ 11565 HP)
Battle 3/3
Gilgamesh (Lvl 45/ Archer/ 22237 HP) Sakata Kintoki (Lvl 45/ Berserker/ 34538 HP) Nero (Lvl 45/ Saber/ 22136 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Random Pieces/ Monuments
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce
Mischievous Bats, QP, Fire of Wisdom


  • During the first two waves of the Royal Party IV Quest, they have two niche-based servants: Euryale and Stheno. However, these two only become a threat if your team has a lot of male servants.
  • Use the first wave of the Royal Party IV Quest as a means to charge up your Noble Phantasm. Spam your Arts cards as much as you can especially on Euryale first. As an Archer class, she has a shorter NP Gauge like an Assassin class servant. Also, if you have male servants, she can also seriously disrupt your team’s rhythm.
    • After defeating Euryale, you can focus on the two remaining enemies on the first wave of the Royal Party IV Quest.
  • As for the Royal Party IV Quest’s second wave, you have two tanky servants: Marie Antoinette and Stheno. However in terms of priority, kill Stheno first to prevent her from charming your servants. Again, she can also use her noble phantasm – Smile of Stheno which can insta-kill male servants.
    • Marie Antoinette however is the next one to dish damage against since she can easily defend herself and then use Guillotine Breaker. Kill her before she can use her Invincibility and HP regen skill.
    • Shakespeare isn’t really a threat especially if your servants are already at a high level.
  • The finale wave of the Royal Party IV Quest has one major threat: Gilgamesh. His noble phantasm – Enuma Elish – deals extra damage almost to all servants. Not only that, he also can use Golden Rule and only has three charge bars.
    • However, if you managed to charge all your NP bars to at least 100%, wiping them out shouldn’t be difficult.
    • If not, focus down Gilgamesh first. But make sure you have a Lancer class servant to deal extra damage.
    • His Enuma  Elish can be evaded by Cu Chulainn‘s Divine Protection of Arrows.
  • Nero and Sakata Kintoki, based on threat level, are interchangeable. Killing either or won’t badly affect the outcome.

Fate Grand Order Halloween 2017 Royal Party and Guerilla Quest

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