Fate Grand Order - Farming Petit Cakes Easy: Tips and Tricks

Farming Petit Cakes can be quite a chore to farm especially in the Fate Grand Order Halloween 2017 Event (US). Looking for easy ways to farm? Here's how!

Farming Petit Cakes Easy

Farming Petit Cakes may look easy but it actually takes a lot of grinding. Petit Cakes are the most common FGO Halloween event items for the Fate Grand Order Halloween 2017 Event (US). Ironically, however, they are also the one that the player needs to spend the most if they’re looking for ascension items. Based on the exchange shop, one ascension material can cost up to 40 petit cakes. In fact, some of the ascension items in the exchange shop may not even be available yet in-game. Some of these items include a Homunculus Baby, which is needed to ascend multiple servants.

homunculus baby

With that, farming the petit cakes can take ages if you don’t do it right. Not only will you spend all your AP, you’ll also end up missing out on the items. Without further ado, here are some ways where one can begin farming Petit Cakes easy.

Farming Petit Cakes
Enjoy farming petit cakes!

Tips and Tricks: Farming Petit Cakes

Farming petit cakes include using multiple craft essences that focus on increasing the petit cake drop amount. Also, it includes a bit of game math especially for calculating how many petit cakes one can get in a single run or farm. Depending on which level the player chooses, the drop rate for the petit cakes also varies. It appears that the higher the AP, the lower the chances of getting petit cakes.

Tip#1: Find any ally with the Trick or Treat Craft Essence

Trick or Treat!

As of now, the only known craft essence meant for farming petit cakes is the Trick or Treat Craft Essence. While this craft essence also drops from the summoning pool, players can also opt buy the craft essence from the exchange shop. Unfortunately though, the Trick or Treat Craft Essence only increases the drop rate by 1. But, if players do farm the proper area, the petit cakes will drop in multiple stacks. When farming petit cake stacks, try as much as possible to get the Trick or Treat Craft Essence in order to make the most out of it.

Tip#2: Trick or Treat Craft Essence Stacking

Just like the other craft essences, the Trick or Treat Craft Essence can also be stacked. However, the Trick or Treat Craft Essence is quite niche-based and situational. As a debuff success craft essence, servants without debuffs can’t make the most out of this CE. However, there are some servants such as Medusa and Hector who can use the Trick or Treat CE to its full potential.

If placed on Medusa then, this would increase the chances of her Mystic Eyes skill of stunning enemies. Especially against enemies who have high-ranking Magic Resistance, equipping her with Trick or Treat Craft Essence will give her a better chance of crowd control. However, best use this craft essence if her Mystic Eyes is at least level 6. That way, the cooldown rate of her Mystic Eyes will be much lower.

Hector, on the other hand, has Proof of Friendship which he earns after ascending him once. If equipped with the Trick or Treat CE then, he not only stuns his enemies but also drains their NP gauge. This would make him useful against tanky enemies especially if they have heavy hitting noble phantasms.

Mata Hari also has a good set of debuffs especially her Pheromone which works on anything (regardless of the trait).

Tip#3: Farm Petit Cakes in the lowest AP area

First Stage Halloween Free Quest

Based on experience, farming petit cakes works best at the First Stage. Not just because of its low on AP but, it also has a lower drop rate for all other materials. And if a player plans to focus purely on farming petit cakes then, farming at the First Stage may be the best. Although the other stages do have their own chances of dropping petit cakes, the petit cakes have a higher chance of dropping in the First Stage of the Mad Party 2017 map.

Tip#4: Rest in between farms

Farming petit cakes can become boring especially if you’re playing the same map over and over again. Luckily, the low AP cost won’t take long to replenish back. Since 10 AP is equivalent to 50 minutes, you can also try relaxing and giving your phone a break. There have been times that people have fallen asleep farming petit cakes or any FGO Halloween event item in particular. So, take a break. It’ll help you farm better in the long run.

Tip#5: Build a sweeping-debuff team

Debuff Team Build
“Meet my sweeper debuff team!”

The term “sweeping” means that all your servants focus purely on knocking down enemies. However, bring servants that also have debuffs. Since the player will be stacking the Trick or Treat CE for purely farming petit cakes, players need to focus on servants that have high damage output despite focusing mostly on debuffs. Players can opt to bring two servants with a single hit noble phantasm and one that has a multi-hit noble phantasm. Or, players can also opt to bring a whole team of servants with a multi-hit noble phantasm to deal more damage.

Some can also choose to bring servants with a debuff in their noble phantasm. Zhuge Liang’s Noble Phantasm, Unreturning Formation, inflicts lingering Curse Damage plus the chance of Stun, Defense Down, and NP gauge down. My personal team includes Zhuge Liang, Medusa, and Hector. All of them hit hard with multi-hit Noble Phantasms with Medusa and Hector dealing most of the damage. Zhuge Liang can easily debuff the enemy while buffing up his team at the same time.

Tip#6: Abuse the Conversion Rates

In the Exchange Store, players can convert any of FGO Halloween Event Items into Petit Cakes. For example, one Pumpkin Lantern is worth 50 Petit Cakes which is equivalent to one Homunclus Baby. Mischievous Bats and Petit Cakes have a 1:5 to ratio which the player must have at least 1 to get 5 Petit Cakes.

But before using this method, make sure you bought everything you needed with the other FGO Halloween Event Currencies. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting them instead and you won’t be able to get either or of what you need.

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