Fate Grand Order - Servant/Enemy Trait: Giant Trait

This article contains information about the Giant Trait found in servants and enemies in Fate Grand Order [FGO].

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This is currently based on Patch 1.2.0. However, some of the servant information came from the Japanese version. Thus, please wait for the updates as we will update this as FGO continues to update.


The Giant Trait is given to massive enemies that are sometimes fought as boss battles. Some, such as the Dragons, have attacks that can hit the entire party.

Thus far, there are no Servants with the Giant Trait.

Skills & Noble Phantasm

There are some skills that deal extra damage to enemies with this particular trait. The list below contains the following skills that affect Giant Enemies:

List of Enemies with Giant Trait

Giant Enemies
Dragon Fafnir Demon God Flauros

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