Fate Grand Order - Kara no Kyoukai Guide (KnK) – Mineral Water Farming Guide

Farming Guide for the Mineral Water items during the Kara no Kyoukai Event in FGO. Looking for an easy way to farm the Mineral Water items? Check out our FGO KnK Guide for that here!

Mineral Water Farming

The Mineral Water is an item that drops only during the Kara no Kyoukai (KnK) event. It’s also probably the last item people would farm due to the higher stages where people farm bond points would be dropping more Black Cat Figurines and Strawberry Ice Creams. As one of the more common items, the Mineral Water drops more in the lower stages than it does in the higher stages. While the Mineral Water can drop from the higher stages, it has a lower chance of dropping.

FGO Mineral Water

But why farm the Mineral Water? The Mineral Water allows players to exchange them for EXP cards and if you’re trying to level up servants like Mash and Jeanne, they receive a bonus. They also can be exchanged for Hero Crystals which are really useful especially if you’re investing in a particular servant. And finally, they also give out gems which help in boosting a servant’s skills up the first two levels.

Tips and Tricks: Mineral Water Farming

First thing you do when farming is to create a team that can clear waves quickly. Of course, it’ll be incredibly annoying if you have to peel away at your enemies essentially making the grind “longer”. But the main question is: most of the enemies that drop the Mineral Waters are varied! How do I burst through them?

Don’t worry, we’re going to do this guide step by step and I’ll explain the mechanics as to how to make it easy.

Tutorial Video

For a video tutorial, check it out here:

Area of Choice: Rooms 103 and 603

Depending what level you are, you may want to choose a room which will suit your team composition. Room 103 is a pure Lancer-class battlefield which will definitely make it easier for you. However, the additional spawns for that room only reach a maximum of 8 which leaves you with only 8 stacks of Mineral Water with each stack being only 2 a piece. However, this particular place is pretty good if you’re trying to blaze through it fast. Or, you have a low leveled team.

Room 603 however has more drops with a total of 15-16 drops. However, if you get 17, there’s usually a Black Cat Figurine Stack included from fighting Mordred. The problem with this particular room is that it’s a little late game which can

x = # of Skeletons
y = # of Mineral Water
2x = y
2(6) = y
y= 12 Mineral Water
With Chorus CE:
*Assume the Chorus CE percentage at 100%.
8x = y
8(2) = y
y = 16 Mineral Water
x = # of Skeletons
y = # of Mineral Water
y = 4x
y = 4(14)
y = 56 Mineral Water

Again however, whichever room you pick is highly dependent on your team composition. If you have enough Archer class servants then, I suggest running Room 603 to make the blazing worth it. If you have more Saber class servants, run through Room 103.

Recommended Servants

FGO EMIYAEMIYA FGO Oda NobunagaOda Nobunaga FGO Cu ChulainnCu Chulainn FGO AlteraAltera

EMIYA and Oda Nobunaga are two hard hitting Archer class servants that specialize in two different things. EMIYA specializes in sustain as he has Mind’s Eye (True) to survive attacks. At the same time, he has Magecraft which increases the performance of his Arts Cards hence allowing him to unleash Unlimited Bladeworks quickly. Not only is his NP an AoE (Area of Effect) attack but, it also hits with a attack debuff. Nobunaga on the other hand relies on Critical Hits but also has an AoE NP. But the special catch is her overcharge effect: the higher the overcharge, the more damage she would inflict on Mordred due to her Noble Phantasm:

FGO Three Line Formation

Since Mordred has the Riding skill, Nobunaga can deal extra damage. Assuming that she’s already maxed out to Level 5 NP (she came from the GUDAGUDA event), she would definitely deal more damage especially when she hits 500%. Nobunaga is also versatile; either able to go Crit Build or NP build for a clean sweep.

Cu Chulainn‘s meant to take out the Archer type skeletons in case they pose too much of a problem. Altera on the other hand works best against the Lancer variant of the Apartment Skeleton due to her high damage output.

Craft Essence of Choice: Chorus, Sprinter, or Repeat Magic?

FGO Chorus CEChorus FGO Sprinter CESprinter FGO Repeat Magic CERepeat Magic

Personally, I’d go with a mix. The Chorus CE increases the appearance rate of Skeletons when fighting them. As they are one of the few creatures that drop the Mineral Water event item, bring 4 servants with the Chorus CE equipped to them for an easy 100%. You can even use a support servant who may have the Chorus CE completely maxed out. That way, you can easily get 50% while allowing the other servants to use the more Mineral Water focused ones: either the Sprinter or the Repeat Magic.

Again, choosing between the two highly depends on your team composition. Sprinter works well with Quick Teams or with servants who rely heavily on Critical Hits to deal insane damage. Repeat Magic works for Arts Teams and NP focused teams since it grants an additional 20% Starting NP and increases NP gain by 10%. Best part is, since they’re both 3 star craft essences, they’re summonable by friend points (FP) which I’m sure we have stacks of sitting in our bags…

From this, team comps can look like this:

FGO Mineral Water Farming Team Comp 1

Scathach can also be a good substitute. In fact, it’s a matter of damage especially when her noble phantasm is completely charged up. She not only inflicts stun but has a chance to inflict Death on an enemy.

Or this:

FGO Mineral Water Farming Team Comp 2

This is based on the only Craft Essences I have. Since RNG unfortunately hates me, I only have the craft essences from the shop. So, you can increase the number of the other craft essences such as the Repeat Magic and the Sprinter. That’s if, you spammed the Friend Point summon until you’ve made 4 MLBed (Max Limit Breakthrough) of Sprinter and Repeat Magic.

FGO Kara no Kyoukai Event Item Farming Guide

FGO Black Cat FigurineBlack Cat Figurine FGO Strawberry Ice CreamStrawberry Ice Cream FGO Mineral WaterMineral Water

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