Fate Grand Order - Sixth Night – Fake Santa Caesar: Walkthrough

A walkthrough for the Sixth Night - Fake Santa Caesar during the Almost Weekly Santa Alter for the FGO 2017 Christmas Event.

Sixth Night – Fake Santa Caesar

The Sixth Night – Fake Santa Caesar quest finally has Santa Alter capturing the servant who has been portraying the Santa Claus. Apparently, people have been mistaking him as the stereotypical Santa Claus to which he began causing problems for the other servants that Santa Alter and the protagonist came across. Furious as to what he has done, Santa Alter then decides to put an end to it – once and for all.

The walkthrough for this guide is a little later on in the video. Just have to scroll to around 15 minutes or so.
AP Cost 5 Bond Point 295
EXP 3200 QP 1610
Tendency Saber First Reward Golden Fruit x1


Enemy Information
Battle 1/3
Reindeer Man
(Lvl 8/ Saber/ 1,143 HP)
Reindeer Man
(Lvl 10/ Saber/ 1,333 HP)
Reindeer Man
(Lvl 8/ Saber/ 1,143 HP)
Battle 2/3
Reindeer Man
(Lvl 10/ Saber/ 1,333 HP)
Reindeer Man
(Lvl 12/ Saber/ 1,533 HP)
Reindeer Man
(Lvl 10/ Saber/ 1,333 HP)
Battle 3/3
Super Roman
(Lvl 8/ Saber/ 100,000 HP)
Fake Santa Caesar
(Lvl 32/ Saber/ 104,240 HP)
Super Roman
(Lvl 8/ Saber/ 100,000 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce
Magical Stockings, Golden Stars


  • The Fake Santa Caesar quest is probably one of the most annoying quests. However, it’s not impossible. The best way to floor this guy is to bring in your Archers. Your best bets are to bring Robin Hood and David. They’re event servants which will draw out more Magical Stockings from the Fake Santa Caesar quest.
  • However, if you feel if your Robin Hood and David are not up to par, bringing a non-event servant is also viable. After all, Santa Alter will most likely be in your party and would make up for the missing +1 Magical Stockings.
  • David’s skills make him idea for being able to avoid Caesar‘s Crocea Mors NP. However, Robin Hood can also deal lingering damage and extra damage due to Sabotage and Yew Bow. Yew Bow deals extra damage if the enemy’s poisoned. Also, it lowers Caesar‘s attack.
    • If players participated in the GUDAGUDA Honnouji Event, they’ll have Oda Nobunaga. Oda Nobunaga will definitely be a good servant here. Her Unifying the Nation By Force allows her to deal extra damage to servants with the Divine Trait. At the same time, her NP deals extra damage to servants who have the Riding passive skill which he has. Her NP, Three Line Formation, is also a multi-hit Noble Phantasm.
  • Their HPs may be huge but it doesn’t mean they’re not killable. Run a full team of Archers especially having Robin Hood to have a better chance of forming Arts chains. If you’re using Robin Hood and David, focus all your attacks on Caesar to prevent him from performing a Brave Chain.
  • It’s a bit of a long quest but having Archer class servants will make the Fake Santa Caesar quest a whole lot easier. Once complete with the Sixth Night – Fake Santa Caesar quest, you’ll finally come across the last quest for the Almost Weekly Santa Alter Event.


h2>Fate Grand Order Almost Weekly Santa Alter/h2>

Episode Battle Name
Prelude Black Santa Claus
1 Little Darius
2 Her Name is Marie
3 HeartbreakxJean Kay
4 P.S. Daddy Longlegs
5 Little Gilgamesh
6 Fake Santa, Mr. Caesar
7 Assault by the Other Alter

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