Fate Grand Order - Third Night – HeartbreakxJean Kay: Walkthrough

The HeartbreakxJean Kay is the third night main event quest during the Almost Weekly Santa Alter for the FGO 2017 Christmas Event.

Third Night – HeartbreakxJean Kay

After delivering the presents to Marie, Santa Alter and the protagonist then find another letter. During the Third Night – HeartbreakxJean Kay, they find out that three bitter women have been scammed by a fake santa. Unfortunately, Santa Alter does not look the least bit pleased finding out that she has someone impersonating her.

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AP Cost 5 Bond Point 215
EXP 955 QP 2400
Tendency Rider/Assassin First Reward Golden Fruit x1


Enemy Information
Battle 1/3
(Lvl 10/ Rider/ 6,597 HP)
(Lvl 10/ Rider/ 6,597 HP)
Reindeer Man
(Lvl 10/Assassin/ 1,255 HP)
Battle 2/3
(Lvl 20/Rider/ 14,172 HP)
Bouncing Curr
(Lvl 20/Rider/ 13,314 HP
Giant Snowman
(Lvl 8/Rider/ 12,494 HP)
Battle 3/3
Drunken Jean Kay (Lvl 26/Assassin/ 27,432 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce
Yggdrasil Seed Mini Ribbon, Magical Stockings, Silver Bells


  • Luckily, the threats are spread across in the HeartbreakxJean Kay quest. However, this will also mean you’ll have to pace your servants’ Noble Phantasms to take them down as efficiently as you can.
  • Since the HeartbreakxJean Kay quest is an Assassin/Rider combination, you’ll need a Caster and an Assassin class servant. If you’re extremely lucky, running the HeartbreakxJean Kay quest with a Nursery Rhyme and Jack the Ripper will make this match easy. However, I suggest not putting your Caster class servant in the first roster. You’ll see why later on.
  • Clear the first wave with at least a 60% NP Gauge to easily take down the second wave of the HeartbreakxJean Kay quest. If you have more, so much the better. The second wave will have the two Riders in which Martha should be your first priority. Her multi-hit noble phantasm deals heavy damage and lowers defense, which will be problematic in the long run. With the Jack the Ripper, you can easily just create a Quick Chain to put her down.
  • But if RNGesus doesn’t like you, you can also resort to using Phantom of the Opera. This is is particularly his niche; as the only known assassin in Fate/Grand Order USA with a multi-hit noble phantasm, he can hit both Martha and Ushiwakamaru. At the same time, he’s equipped to charm either or to stop their attacks. Best part is, he’s an event servant and increases the Magical Stocking drop amount by 1.
  • After that, move onto the third wave of the HeartbreakxJean Kay quest where you’ll fight “Jean Kay” herself. Now, if you had put your Caster Class servant up front, she could have used Just Kill and paired up with Drunken Power her only potential threat. If you have Nursery Rhyme, you can knock her down easy. However, don’t be afraid to bring in a non-event servant if it will ensure your victory. It’ll be pointless if you die and waste those precious Command Seals just to defeat her.
  • Once you’ve defeated her, you can now move onto the Fourth Night of the Main Event Quest.


h2>Fate Grand Order Almost Weekly Santa Alter/h2>

Episode Battle Name
Prelude Black Santa Claus
1 Little Darius
2 Her Name is Marie
3 HeartbreakxJean Kay
4 P.S. Daddy Longlegs
5 Little Gilgamesh
6 Fake Santa, Mr. Caesar
7 Assault by the Other Alter

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