[Fate Grand Order/ FGO] Tips and Tricks: Special Dumplings Farming

This article contains tips and tricks on how to farm Special Dumplings easily in Fate Grand Order [FGO]. This particular article pertains to the Moon Festival on August 17, 2017 ~ August 24, 2017.

This article contains tips and tricks on how to farm Special Dumplings easily in Fate Grand Order [FGO]. This particular article pertains to the Moon Festival on August 17, 2017 ~ August 24, 2017.

Tips and Tricks: Special Dumplings Farming

Special Dumplings are a bit of a chore to farm. Most especially since, it has a bit of a low drop rate. And even if it does, it usually drops only one or two per final battle. Unfortunately, it’s also the currency that players need to unlock the following episodes. Wondering how to easily get that required amount of Special Dumplings in a single go? Here are some ways to do it:

Farm the Free Quest particularly, the Intermediate or Advanced One

For the Intermediate and Advanced Quest, they cost quite a bit of AP. The Intermediate costs 10 AP whereas the Advanced one costs 20 AP. When farming these two, it also banks on a) the team’s over-all level, and b) if the player has servants that can easily one shot enemies. The problem with the Advanced is that the characters are extremely tanky, making the battle take as long as 10 minutes if Georgios gets annoying. However, it does have a higher chance of dropping special dumplings AND players can farm Ghost Lanterns off it.

If the player chooses Intermediate then, the player will spend only 10 AP with your main problem only being Marie Antoinette. The only issue she has is just her healing skills which Jing Ke or Camilla can easily chew up. At the same time, the 10 AP lost only requires 50 minutes to replenish. Intermediate however doesn’t give as much Special Dumplings as the Advanced but it drops Dragon Fangs.

But the player can choose which one they want to farm. It also depends on what materials they’re chasing after.

Novice Farming + Moon CE Stacking

For this particularly one, Novice Farming has a low AP cost but the drop rates are a little shaky. At times, it provides more Moon Dumplings. There are times it also provides more Special Dumplings than it should. This makes this method rather debatable at best since drop rates are not really cemented as of yet.

However, the pro’s of this method include it being low AP and easy kills. This means players can just rain in their attacks without really planning a strategy unlike the others. However, again, drop rates are still a bit shaky which may make this trick a little debatable. Use on one’s own discretion.

Katherine Baskerville’s notes: I’ve been playing a few rounds and I’ve been earning more Special Dumplings than Moon Dumplings. So, this technique may vary across different players.

Using this method, you can gain a lot of Special Dumplings. Pair it up with Moon Festival CE and you can increase the output amount per run. This method works best with the method mentioned below:

Moon Festival CE Stacking

special dumplings

This trick involves breaking away from the usual build. For example, the EMIYAFormalcraft Build turned into a Moony Jewel Build which works well if the player goes against Stheno, Mata Hari, and other servants with charm skills. However, there’s a particular Craft Essence (CE) known as the Moon Cell Automaton which buffs all commands cards. All but for a miniscule amount. While individually, these items give low amounts. Putting them altogether in a party can increase dole out a large amount of Dumplings.

As of now, these are the following Moon Festival-related CE:

Craft Essence # of Dumplings
Moon Cell Automaton +1
Moony Jewel +2
Moonlight Fest +3
Moon Goddess’ Bath +100% of Total Amount

If a player gets two servants with Moonlight Fest then, the player can earn a total of +6. However, players can also place two of the same Craft Essences across two servants. For example:

Mathematical Calculation

  Team 1
 Altria EMIYA Zhuge Liang (Support) Heracles Medusa Hans Christian
MoonCell Automaton Moony Jewel Moonlight Fest  Moon Goddess’ Bath Moonlight Fest Moony Jewel
 21 21  0 24 12  13

Table 1. Team Grid
First Row: Servant Name
Second Row: Craft Essence
Third Row: Servant Cost + Craft Essence Cost = Total Cost
Total Cast Cost: 91

Following the table above, the following Craft Essences will grant the following amount of dumplings:

[1 + (2 x 2) + (3 x 2)] + x+ x(100%)]
x = the number of dumplings of a single stack

Based on the equation, the player can already earn +11 Dumplings to all the dumplings gained. And with the added Moon Goddess’ Bath, the amount adds another 100% to a specific stack. So, the equation will happen similarly like this:

Stack Amount Increased by 3.

Assume: x = 3
=[1 + (2 x 2) + (3 x 2)] 3+ 3(100%)
= [1 + (4) + (6)] + 3 + 3(100%)
= [11] + 3 + 3
= 17 Dumplings

Using this equation, one can easily gain 17 dumplings per run. And for those special dumplings, it’s quite useful to have.

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