Fate Grand Order - [Fate Grand Order/ FGO] Moon Festival ~ Does the Moon Goddess Dream of Dumplings?

This article will contain the directory for the Moon Festival ~ Does the Moon Goddess Dream of Dumplings in Fate Grand Order [FGO].

This article will contain the directory to everything that is needed for the Moon Festival ~ Does the Moon Goddess Dream of Dumplings in Fate Grand Order [FGO]. We’ll continue to update this until the end of the event.

Moon Festival ~ Does the Moon Goddess Dream of Dumplings?

Moon Goddess

As the mid-autumn festival begins, the moon glows bright. It shines with the brightest of lights that no one has seen until today.

With that, Chaldea realizes they’ve lost their Dumpling and the moon goddess has a bit too much of it. After all, it is to celebrate their own Moon Festival. Chaldea thus intends to send you, magi, to earn back those hard earned Dumpling. And if you do it right, the goddess, Artemis with her friend, Orion may bless you with her presence.


  • Event begins on August 17, 2017 and ends at August 24, 2017 (3: 59 PM, UTC).
  • The Moon Festival lasts for seven days in which eight quests will be available.
    • There are two sets of four quests: the Main Quest and the Free Quest.
  • The Main Quests are divided into Episodes in which the player must spend 5 AP and a certain amount of Dumpling to unlock.
  • As for the Free Quests, they are divided into several difficulties: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Goddess.
    • All these Free Quests however are tied to the Episode Quests.
    • For example, to unlock the Beginner Free Quest, the player must complete Episode 0.
  • As the player completes the battles, each battle will drop a variety of Dumplings or a Special Dumplings.
    • These then will serve as currency during the event.
  • The player then can exchange the Dumplings for certain items such as monuments, ascension materials, and the limited Moonlight Fest Craft Essence!

Event Items

Everything that happens in this event is purchasable via Dumplings. This also includes the episodes and certain items in the exchange shop. As of now, the Japanese version confirmed that the Dumplings vanish after the event. Items such as the hero crystals and the Blaze EXP cards will be exchangeable along with some Archer and Rider Pieces and Monuments. Another item worth exchanging for is the 5 star craft essence – Moonlight Fest which boosts a servant’s sustainability in battle.

To check out the event items, click here.

Moon Festival Episodes

Main Quest

Episode No. Name of Quest
0 Moonlight Hunter
1 Antoinette and Company
2 Battle at the Coastline
3 Moon Over the Ruined Castle
4 Does the Moon Goddess‘ Dream of Dumpling?

Free Quest: Dumpling Gathering

Rank AP Cost
Novice 5
Intermediate 10
Advanced 20
Expert 30
Goddess 40

Tips and Tricks

Having a hard time farm those highly-coveted medals for those gorgeous skill & ascension materials? Players can check the links down below for some tips and tricks as to where and how to farm the dumplings within a short amount of time.

Additional Events

  • Along with the episodes, players will now have an increased drop rate in terms of summoning. Orion will now be available. This means that players will have a chance to summon the Moonlight Hunter himself.
    • Summoning rates for others will still apply.
    • Using a 10x summon will guarantee the player one 4 star (SR) or above card and 1 guaranteed 3 Star (Rare) or above servant.
    • The guaranteed summon will either be Craft Essence or Servant. Moon Fest will not appear via summoning.
    • Servants with increased drop rates:
  • Craft Essences such as the Moon Goddess’ Bath, the Mooncell Automaton, and the Moony Jewel will drop.

With that, head forth and enjoy the Moon Festival! Enjoy your dumplings!

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  1. The 5 AP quest which guarantees 3 separate dumpling drops seems the most efficient (in terms of AP and time) to farm dumplings with the use of multiple bonus CE.

    However, the use of multiple (>=) Moonlight Fest CE increases the chance of Special Dumplings drop to be much higher than regular Dumplings that all drops become Special Dumplings, which is only worth half as much. It is just STUPID. In any case, be WARNED that a second Moonlight Fest CE is not worth getting. (You get one from Support.)

      • Hmm, didn’t notice til now. Thought it was just RNG messing around. Thanks for the call out, ecp! We’ll add that to our guides. 🙂

        • Since yesterday, I got another Moonlight Fest CE from random drop. I found the only way to have a chance of regular dumplings with the 5AP quest is to use low level and low rarity servants. One mid level 4 star archer servant like Emiya can clear the battles quite efficiently. The most common drop for me is 2 drops of special dumplings and 1 regular. So that is 2 effective dumplings x bonuses. In my case, that is 2×13=26 or 5.2 dumplings per AP. The average unfortunately still tends less than 2. So i gain a little less than 5.2. (Sometimes i get multiple dumplings per drop but the difference is trivial in light of +13 bonus each drop).

          I still found the higher AP quest to be less efficient. The last time I cleared the 40AP quest, I temember receiving a single drop of 25 regular dumplings. I can use a +100% bonus from support (not sure how rare that CE is), which gives 60 after all bonuses. That is 2.5 dumplings per AP, which is only half the 5AP quest. Sure a single 40AP quest is quicker than eight 5 AP quest, but the time difference isnt 8-fold either. The 40AP quest takes considerably longer per entry.

          All in all, staying with the 5AP quest should offer the most efficient grind. Starting with high level, event servant, with as many bonus CE as possible to get to a few Moonlight Fest CE and switch to low level low rarity servants when Special Dumplings become too frequent will further expedite the grind.