[Fate Grand Order/ FGO] Tips and Tricks: Moon Dumplings Farming

This article contains tips and tricks on how to farm Moon Dumplings easily in Fate Grand Order [FGO]. This particular article pertains to the Moon Festival on August 17, 2017 ~ August 24, 2017.

This article contains tips and tricks on how to farm Moon Dumplings easily in Fate Grand Order [FGO]. This particular article pertains to the Moon Festival on August 17, 2017 ~ August 24, 2017.

Tips and Tricks: Moon Dumplings Farming

moon dumplings

Moon Dumplings are the common currency one will see while playing Fate Grand Order at around this time. They drop heavily especially from the Novice Round of Free Quest. But you’ll notice, the amount to get the Moonlight Fest hits around 500 Moon Dumplings for one. And it also increases as the player gets more. One of the beauties of this particular craft essence is that it adds +3 to dumpling stacks. Also, it works best with servants who run heavy Crit builds such as Scathach, Jing Ke, Hassan of the Cursed Arm, and Cu Chulainn.

As of now, these are the following Moon Festival-related CE:

Craft Essence # of Dumplings
Moon Cell Automaton +1
Moony Jewel +2
Moonlight Fest +3
Moon Goddess’ Bath +100% of Total Amount

Also, if you didn’t check out our page about the shop, you’ll notice that there are a couple of monuments that are sitting there too. For those who have EMIYA, Atalante, or Gilgamesh, now is the easiest time to farm those Archer monuments. It takes a few moon dumplings to earn them. Here are quick and easy ways on how to earn them:

Novice Farm + Moon Craft Essence Stack

Rank AP Cost
Novice 5
Intermediate 10
Advanced 20
Expert 30
Goddess 40

Since the Novice farm has a low AP cost, it’s one of the easiest to farm for Moon Dumplings. Since one AP is equivalent to five minutes, players only need to wait 25 minutes before fully replenishing the lost AP. There’s no need to use a golden fruit or a valuable SQ to replenish the missing AP.

As for the Moon Craft Essence stack, this is when players stack a variety of Moon Festival related craft essences to earn more dumplings. To learn more how this works, click here.

This trick involves breaking away from the usual build. Feel free to tailor your team to accommodate the event’s Craft Essences to accumulate as much Dumplings as you possibly can. The game awards a free Mooncell Automaton to help you get started, while Free Quests should give you a chance to check out any Friends who have stumbled upon the more elusive Craft Essences obtained only during the Summoning Sessions

A recommended set-up should look similar to this. The lineup basically shows the stacking effects to maximize your haul for every attempt when farming for Dumplings. However, do account for the Craft Essence you wish to swap in comparison to your old setup. By inspection, Moony Jewel helps if you intend to farm on the Intermediate level especially if you struggle against Marie Antoinette.

On the other hand, Moonlight Fest shines for players looking to replace their Quick or Critical Damager. With Assassins excelling in C. Star generation, they can partake of the Free Quests that house multiple Rider class servants particularly the Advanced level. Those wishing to challenge the Expert level will appreciate support servants that equip the Moon Goddess’ Bath as it helps them gain sustainability to last the first wave. While individually, these items give low amounts. Putting them altogether in a party can increase dole out a large amount of Dumplings.

Bring strong servants way beyond recommended level

The point of bringing servants beyond the required level is to make it faster. Thankfully, using stronger or higher ranked servants doesn’t eat one’s AP or we’d be done for. At the same time, bringing servants with high levels and high damage output will make it a whole lot faster.

However, some players have noted that the varying level for the servants affect the dumpling farming. Hence, some players also recommended swapping around servants.

Special Dumpling Conversion

Special Dumplings only have one use and that’s to unlock the episodes. However, as time goes by, you’re going to need more Moon Dumplings than Special Dumplings. This method involves the player converting their Special Dumpling into Moon Dumplings. This can be done through Da Vinci’s Shop in which players will notice the 2:1 ratio. 2 Special Dumplings is equivalent to 1 Moon Dumpling.

This method works best for people who are done with the episodes. Combining this with Novice Farming + Moon CE Stacking, players can easily get 15 Moon Dumplings per run.

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