Fate Grand Order - Visitors Through the Night Quest: Walkthrough

The final quest: The Visitors Through The Night Quest is one of the hardest quests for the Fate Grand Order Halloween 2017 Event (US).

Visitors Through the Night Quest

The Surprise Quest Visitors Through the Night Quest is the final and last of the night quests during the Fate Grand Order Halloween 2017 Event (US). While going through this FGO Event guide, players see what they can farm. They can farm a variety of items such as sweet candles, mischievous bats, petit cakes, and, possibly – pumpkin lanterns.

Each enemy drops a variety of FGO event items which they drop; opening several choices for the players. Players can either convert them to Petit Cakes or even buy items that are specific to the FGO Halloween Event items.

You’ll find the items in Exchange Shop.

You can also check our wiki and Fate Grand Order Database for other quests and strategies here.

Visitors Through The Night Quest


AP Cost 30 Bond Point 915
EXP 38910 QP 9400
Tendency ? First Reward Crystallized Lore x 1


Enemy Information
Battle 1/5
Divine Arm of Dawn (Lvl 20/ Assassin/ 28975 HP) Daring Hassan (Lvl 30/ Assassin/ 76005 HP) Pumpkin Leader (Lvl 20/ Lancer/ 4692 HP)
Battle 2/5
Amazoness Queen (Lvl 22/ Saber/ 29, 330 HP) The Strongest Devil Dragon Descends (Lvl 40/ Saber/ 97682 HP) Pumpkin Leader (Lvl 30/ Saber/ 6666 HP)
Battle 3/5
White Chimera (Lvl 20/ Berserker/ 38,880 HP) Ghost Story “Princess Teketeke” (Lvl 50/ Berserker/ 175678 HP) Pumpkin Leader (Lvl 40/ Archer/ 8428 HP)
Battle 4/5
Daemon (Lvl 40/ Caster/ 58,503 HP) Miss Medea (Lvl 60/ Caster/ 152, 315 HP) Pumpkin Leader (Lvl 50/ Lancer/ 10,812 HP)
Battle 5/5
Tamamo no Mae (Lvl 70/ Caster/ 230,492 HP) Pumpkin Leader (Lvl 60/ Saber/ 12,726 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Random Pieces and Monuments Gem of Saber, Lancer, Berserker, Caster
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce
Evil Bone, Heart of the Foreign God (Rare), Claw of Chaos (Rare), Phoenix Feather Mischievous Bats, Petit Cake, Pumpkin Lanterns, Blaze of Wisdom, QP


One of the hardest portions of the Visitors Through The Night Quest is that it’s a compilation of all boss battles across the Surprise Quests. Not just that, the Visitors Through The Night Quest is a taxing quest as it has five waves instead of the usual three. Hence, we’ll do this via break down of each wave.

In terms of Team Build, the recommended classes are:

1st Set: Saber, Archer, Caster

2nd Set: Rider and one sustain servant.

Having a sustain servant can definitely save your life in this battle as it can stall bosses and out-strip them in terms of damage.

Wave 1

Visitors Through The Night 1

  • Wave 1 of the Visitors Through The Night Quest has Hassan as the major threat. As an Assassin class servant, he only needs three turns before being able to use Zabaniya. If you have a Caster class servantHassan shouldn’t be a threat to you.
  • The other two enemies in this wave of the Visitors Through The Night Quest are not too threatening especially the Divine Arm of Dawn. Focus down Hassan but don’t use your Noble Phantasm yet.

Wave 2

Visitors Through The Night 2

  • In Visitors Through The Night Quest’s Wave 2, Siegfried will be your priority. Even more so if, one of your servants has the Dragon trait.
  • Bringing an Archer class servant will definitely help even things out especially to take out the Amazoness and Siegfried himself.
  • Again, don’t use your NP until the next wave.

Wave 3

Visitors Through The Night 3

  • Wave 3 of Visitors Through the Night Quest is a little debatable if you’ll use your Noble Phantasms. With two Berserkers especially one with heavy critical hits, you’ll have to decide whether or not you can charge your Noble Phantasm up fast enough for the next round.
  • One trick you could use is making a Brave Chain with a multi-hit noble phantasm. The first two hits can land on Kiyohime while the multi-hit noble phantasm can hit the other two.
  • If you have servants like Altria, Altera, or Elisabeth Bathory (Halloween), focus down Kiyohime with single attacks while your Noble Phantasm sweeps the rest of the enemies in this part of the Visitors Through the Night Quest.

Wave 4

Visitors Through The Night 4

  • The most annoying part of Wave 4 of Visitors Through the Night is the Daemon and Miss Medea. However, you may have lost one of your servants by then which is why there are at least two Rider Class servants in the team. Since Casters take extra damage from Riders, they can fall a little faster instead of just using brute force.
  • Rider class servants such as Medusa, Marie Antoinette, and even Saint Martha can prove to be useful. Their multi-hit noble phantasms plus their skills meant for stalling can do a lot.
    • Ushiwakamaru is also plausible but she’ll have to focus down one target at a time.
  • Medusa may be full-offensive but she can survive against Medea‘s incoming attacks.
  • Again, in terms of using your NP, it’s debatable again if you want to NP chain now or later.

Wave 5

Visitors Through The Night 5

  • The last battle of the Visitors Through the Night Quest is the battle between you and Tamamo no Mae.
  • Unlike others, focus down the Pumpkin Head first since it has the lowest HP.
  • Tamamo no Mae has a large health pool allowing her to sustain a lot of damage. However, having a Rider Class servants can outstrip her heals since her NP only heals for 1750 HP.
  • Even if she has a large damage output, having Rider class servants can soften the incoming blows. If you have Medusa, she can also stall the heals of Tamamo no Mae.
  • After defeating her, you’ll finally have finished the Visitors Through The Night Quest.

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