Chapter15 : The Thieves of Libertalia – Uncharted4

Treasure room

In the room there is a box or in a drawer to be examined countless.
Please find the two notes from among them.

  • Treasure “Emerald Flask”
  • 20160531175211 (6)
  • 20160531175211 (7)
  • Found under the immediate left of the fallen shelf entered.
  • Optional Conversation # 1
  • 20160531175211  (1)
  • Talk to Sam after examining the skeleton, which was leaning against the back of the bookshelf of the room.
  • Journal Entry # 1
  • 20160531175211 (10)
  • Avery examine the head of the captain of the broken statue.
  • 20160531175211 (2)
  • 20160531175211 (1)
  • 20160531175211 (5)
  • 20160531175211 (11)

Sam will notice something and find two of the memo.

  • Optional Conversation # 2
  • 20160531175211 (8)
  • Talk to noticed Sam.

Escape from the room

  • 20160531175211 (13)
  • 20160531175211 (14)
  • 20160531175211 (15)
  • 20160531175211  (8)

According to the Sam’s instructions.
Move the shelf to go to Sam’s place, raise the chandelier.
Ride on top of the bookshelf from the left, and then jump from there to twice bookshelf.
Over the rope from the bottom to the chandelier, to jump to the hanging chain with a rope.
To jump to the picture of further pirate from the chain, as it is moved to the left Once caught in the picture.
Up the steps of the front, it enters through the open window in the tower.


  • 20160531175211  (9)
  • 20160531175211  (10)

Climb intact stairs. Climbing the wall, to see where to put the rope in the upper-right corner.
Climb to the top by grabbing the depression was vacant on the wall below it, put a rope.

  • 20160531175211  (11)
  • 20160531175211  (12)
  • 20160531175211  (13)
  • 20160531175211  (14)

When multiplied by the rope, then jump to the window of the tower, go up as it is using the window.
Once you have when I got to the room Sam to climb up a ladder, so you drop the wooden box, you climb to the top with it.
Arrival to the top of the tower If you climb the ladder of wood.

  • 20160531175211  (15)

Once you climb the tower you should be able to verify the location of the mansion.
Let’s get down to the bottom of the When you are sure the tower.

Combat Part

  • 20160531175211  (16)

While you are down, you guys will be shot in the RPG.
Let’s get down to the bottom not from the tower to hit the sniper.

  • 20160531175211  (17)

Go collapsed tower was down to the middle, please press the timing well L1 button because it multiplied by the rope.
Climb a rope while avoiding sniper When multiplied by the rope, advance while jumping in a hurry the collapse likely tower.

  • 20160531175211  (18)

Next up will be a sniper to a large number of mercenaries. Advance to the spotted break destination back of the door without opponent.
Avoiding flag grenade, we will slide down the slope.
To jump to the front of the building in the slope of the previous without panic.
Climbing the walls of the building, Nadine entered the room will appear.
And have a battle with Nadine, starts Rafe appeared movie, chapters end.

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