Chapter21 : Brother’s Keeper – Uncharted4


Chasing Sam

Goes into the forest chasing Sam, climb the scratches marked with rock.

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Find the Sam of footprints.

  • Treasure “Mughal Enamel Bird”
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  • Find and climb on top of the front of the rock Hook the rope.
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Through the inside of the crevices of a small rock with a rope.
Proceed while jumping rocks, aim the top of the mountain.
Along the way, but Sam’s footprint is interrupted, further climb to the top.

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Second rope the rope make a rope from the jump.
After the rope jump proceeds while moving down to the top of the steep cliff.
There are traces of a certain extent proceeds bonfire.

  • Journal note # 1
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  • Investigate the fire trail near the corpse.

To jump with a rope to the left from the bonfire.
Also found footprints in the jump was earlier.
Cave appears when the proceeding.

In a cave

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Broken bridge to cross the jump.
Slip the slope, to jump to the wall.

Further across the proceed Bridge, because the bridge is broken, slip the slope, to jump with a rope to the opposite shore.
Little proceed to the left from grabbed place the wall, get off the scaffolding below.
Climb up the back of the stepped take the narrow loophole.
And when it is more than a step to reach the high-ceilinged area in a circular.

  • Treasure “Stone Vase”
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  • Found in a wooden box near the turtle of the floor had.
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Climbing wall, grabbed to jump, the wall of rock with a crime and Harken, moves to the right.
Repeat the rope jump twice, slipped the slope, to jump to the cliff, climb the cliff.

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Dive the cliff Hook the rope, see the ship of Avery is down.

  • Treasure “Strange Fruit”
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  • And extend the rope to the maximum, it is possible to grab the bottom of the cliff.
    The grabbed place up above, found in the lateral hole.
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Hooking the Harken to the wall.
Proceed to the right while using the Harken and Climb.
Take the scaffolding on the cliff, it proceeds to jump to the previous scaffolding.
Down the long downhill, the last rope jump, fall into the water.

  • Treasure “Rajasthn Box”
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  • Fall found in the back of the pillars in the direction has been.

Under the cliff advance to back dive in the water.
Movie begins.
Beyond the foot of the pier and dive in the water, and climb to the pier chapter clear.

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