Chapter22 : A Thief’s End – Uncharted4


Toward the pirate ship.
Explosion occurs in a little swim and pirate ship.

  • Treasure “Mughal Egg Pendant”
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  • Diving explosive position, found in rocks that went to the right of the cave.
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From the explosion happened location enter climbed to pirate ship.

pirate ship

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Up the broken plate, out on the deck.
Get down to the bottom of the room from the left hole in the deck.
Open the back of the door to blow the flame.
Movie begins

Leif battle

Avoid Leif of attack.
Get a sword and avoid a certain number of times.
To block in the △ button attack from the left, to block in the ○ button attack from the right.
Basic to block in the the attack, repeating the attack when you’re chance.
※ Can get the trophy and defeat a no damage.

After defeated Leif, if you escape from the ship, swim with full force towards the outside of the cave.

Ending start.

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