Chapter20 : No Escape – Uncharted4

Rocky area

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Upon exiting the cave, there was a graveyard of ships.
Down one step cliff toward the location, which is multiplied by the rope.

  • Treasure “Jade Flower Pedant”
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  • Climb to the right of the rock before placing a rope, found in further jumps to behind scaffolding.

Jump with a rope, further climbing the rock, to jump to the front with a stick of wood.

Combat Part 1

Sam is being chased.
Since armor and sniper appears many, while use of the grenade, fight while changing the gun Once you run out of bullets.

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Once you wipe out the enemy, stand up to the enemy through the inside of the ship.
At the very back of the ship, to move the rubble.
After leaving the ship to fight back with the two-body armor soldiers.

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To discover Sam Once beyond the back of the rocks.
Defeat the mercenaries to snipe the Sam.

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And defeat the mercenaries, Sam merge so you down the ladder.
Promote Vulcan cannon, shot gun, comfortably and progresses while turning to use the enemy of strong weapons such as ARX
After crossing to the other side, because the powerful armor appears, defeat using the RPG or grenade.

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Flee because the armored car to come out, but fled from the left of the step on top of the ship would have been dropped into the sea.


First, aim the water surface.
As you aim the broken wall in the water, go to the sandy beach.

Defeat the enemy you have the RPG, to attack the armored car and took the RPG.
Furthermore escape because the armored car coming hit.

It will help Sally and single-mindedly run away.
Use the RPG to destroy armored vehicles.
Movie begins.

4 people after the confluence

  • Treasure “Stoneware Bearded Jug”
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  • Found in just the lower left corner of the house down stairs.
  • Treasure “Stout Jade Vase”
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  • When the river along the right side of the house enter climb from the river, they found in the top of the table.

The springboard by pushing the loading platform to the left along the river, climb in the ladder.
Enter the building, get out from the second floor window.

Where there is a ropeway.
In cooperation with the Sam to move the pillar, to jump.
Hook the rope under the ropeway, it is moved by pulling.
Jump, caught the rope to climb Sam.
Ropeway is break up with Sam broken.

Chasing Sam

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  • Found on the first floor of the table on the right side of the house of passage.
  • Treasure “Painted Spouted Vase”
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  • Found in the top of the immediate chest up to the second floor.

When the little advance from the previous house, there is a stone statue.

  • Treasure “Mughal Perfume Bottle”
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  • The left side of the broken home of grass found.

Pressing the loading platform to the right behind the statue to the wall.
Movie begins, chapter clear.

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