Chapter19 : Avery’s Descent – Uncharted4

In a cave


Proceed through the cave, down the stairs.
Because at the branch point, and broken left of the road, straight forward.
When the flashlight is off, light is restored and shake the controller.
Proceeding to the left at the fork of the place, proceed to the first.

The room there is a floor of the trap

  • 20160603161941 (3)

Step on if there is a portion of the explosion from the feet.
To avoid an explosion, it may follow in the footsteps remaining part.

  • 20160603161941 (4)
  • 20160603161941 (5)

Examine the rubble after the missing left.
Since the lights go off, switch on the torch.

  • 20160603161941 (6)

From the center of the rubble so climb Elena, climb after them.
Proceed in the back, get down to the bottom.

Room of corpse

While light the torches advance to the back.
Advance to the left of the road sign and proceed to the first.
Because there is a trap of the explosion of the mummy, avoid the “L3 + ○ button”.

  • 20160603161941 (8)

In front of the dead end, there is a slope to get down to the bottom on the left side.
Proceeds further to the back down the hill.

Climb the rocks, and arrive in a small room in which light the torches, the process goes to the root of the more there is a right-hand side of the water.
Go down the hill while avoiding the explosion.

  • 20160603161941 (9)

It is to get off the location there are skeleton that has been tied to the pillar.

  • Treasure “Ancienr Stone Vessel”
  • 20160603161941 (10)
  • 20160603161941 (11)
  • After I got off to the better there is a three-stage stone steps of Once fully down front, found in the bottom of the steps to look back.

Go down the right side of the stairs.
Get off a step.
It will follow in the footsteps.
There are a lot of enemies in a location that flares are burnt.

Combat Part 1

Although armor appear and get off a step, it beats in the mummy bomb.
Further down to get the smoke tube with.

Smoke barrel after available.

  • 20160603161941 (15)
  • 20160603161941 (16)

If you go the stairs to climb back, get the keys and notes.
Find the keyhole of the key got.

Enters the door, there is a large amount of mummy bomb and go to the right.
In addition to go to the back, down the steps.
When you get off a step, since the explosion, once it overcame a step, back to quickly original location.

  • 20160603161941 (18)

There are mummy raised his left hand and move on.

  • Treasure “Mughal Decorative Cudgel”
  • 20160603161941 (19)
  • When you go to the left of the passage found on the right of the box.

Advance the right of passage of the mummy.

Of floor trap room

  • 20160603161941 (20)
  • 20160603161941 (21)

The floor of the trap to the explosion that was the entrance to appear again.
Since there is no hint of footprints, advance the notebook of tips to help.
Proceed four before the second plate from left, 3 proceed to the right.
One before from there, proceed one to the right, it can break through and move forward.

  • 20160603161941 (22)
  • 20160603161941 (23)

Overcame stepped, go and come out in a bright place as far as it will go.
According to the trap and opened the door.
With the recoil, to unplug escape the sword.
To avoid the explosion, escape and ran to the mouth.
Movie begins, chapter clear.

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