Chapter17 : For Better or Worse – Uncharted4


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Go to help Sam with Elena.
Since the slope of mud does not climb, climb behind the ladder.

  • Optional Conversation # 1
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  • Talk to Elena after climbing the ladder.
  • Treasure “Mughal Flared Vase”
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  • Find approaches to the left of the cliff from where you conversation.
  • Optional Conversation # 2
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  • Talk to Elena after crossing the river.
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Overcame a tree fallen, to move to the nearby waterfall.
Next climbed to the big rock, to check the elevator.
Climb up the elevator to the right of the cliff to the top with the Harken.
Because there is a car on top of the cliff can be confirmed, it aims to that point.

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And go up to the left of the scaffolding Once you jump into the waterfall, there is a ladder, let climb Elena.

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They will drop the wooden box, it carries in the vicinity of the center of the stone, you climb to the top.
Ran over the tree, cross the bridge over broken.
Since the middle of the bridge is washed away in the river broken to not fall down over the rope.

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Elevator and climb on top caught the cliff is to climb to the top to start.
Proceeding the cliff towards the left, so found in two of the mercenaries, to fight back quickly with a gun.

When you come to the top of the elevator, it can be merged with Elena.

  • Treasure “Mughal Hinged Box”
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  • When you get off the near the stairs of the river, found in the top of the box.
  • Optional Conversation # 3 & 4
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  • The joined talk twice to Elena from.
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The big rock of the back of the elevator go up and repeat the climb and jump.

Combat Part 1

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Come up close to the car, there are mercenaries of the Showline.

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If anyone brought down to get to the car trophy is available.
Flowing through the river to near the cliff, get caught in the cliff over the rope.

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Continue to the right while grasping the cliff, jump to the round rock, climb.
To climb to jump to the cliff with a car from there.
Riding in a hurry to the car over the cliff, you run away.

A place that has entered the battle area When you ride in the car run away in the direction coming water flow.

Car Part 1

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Take the river and upstream, turn left When you come to the waterfall.

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Through the side of the goddess of the image, to make sure it passes through the position of the tree of the tower a tunnel of rock.
Position to run the car toward the elevator Once you have verified.

Large elevator

  • Journal entry # 1
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  • Examine the gear that is not engaged.
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Put the winch to the left of the building of the balcony of the pillars.
Elena is pulling back in the car, the balcony is broken.
Climb the wall into the building.

  • Treasure “Jade Serving Bowl”
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  • Upon exiting to the left of the balcony found in the top of the box.
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Rise to the top of the floor with a wooden box, goes out the window.
To jump from a wooden stick, or enter the building through the window with the Harken.

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Since Elena go near the water wheel is us stop the water wheel, getting caught in a wooden stick up the gear in the meantime.
When Elena moves the car, to start the elevator and push the switch.
Since After starting elevator moves, toward the hurry elevator.

Combat Part 2

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Since when riding the elevator found in the Showline, to fight back in the elevator.
Because there is a sniper rifle, you may use it.
Safety and the RPG and sniper preferentially sniper.

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Since the middle of the elevator would stop, fightin to jump the cliff.
Since then Elena has been sniping, to join in a hurry.

  • Treasure “Ancient Stone Bowl”
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  • Go into the grass of the back of the car after the confluence with Elena, found on the back of the crap.

Car Part 2

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Car advances a narrow road.
If you get in early location of the river, climb the loose part of the left of the flow, advancing down the stretch the river.
Further advance the car Upon arrival at the sluice.

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Once I put a rope on the way down the river to the left of the floodgate.
After the jump towards the sluice gate, climb the stairs.
From turning the back of the gear, turning the front of the gear.

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Proceed up on the right of the hill, to jump the broken bridge a stretch down the hill.

Climb a steep slope, advance the river while running the rock.
Elevator can be seen in front of the eye.

  • Journal note # 1
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  • Found in the top of the barrel in the elevator on the front right side of the hut.
  • Treasure “Pewter Incense Buner”
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  • Found in the grass on the back of the house.
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Advancing a little more car go to the bottom of the elevator.

  • Treasure “18th Century Combination Lock”
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  • Climbing from the back to the water mill, found in the top of the gear.

Treasure “18th Century Combination Lock”
Climbing from the back to the water mill, found in the top of the gear.

Raise the elevator of the gate, put the car in.

  • Optional Conversation # 5 & 6
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  • Talk twice to Elena in the elevator.

While advancing along the road over the cobblestones.

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And have over the big bridge, would have been washed away in the river is broken in the middle.
Over the rope to a tree branch, trying to jump to the Elena of location.

  • Journal entry # 2
  • 20160601165531 (83)
  • Before you climb the rock, examine the branches of the point of the tree that Elena got off from the car.

Up the left of the rocks of the river, and then move to the opposite side while sliding on the river.

  • Journal note # 2
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  • To move toward the downstream after crossing the river, examine the skull that are on climbing the rock.

Journal note # 2
To move toward the downstream after crossing the river, examine the skull that are on climbing the rock.

Proceed a cleft of rock, I found a lot of dead bodies.
As you proceed with a suspended the cage, it arrived in NewDevon, chapter end.

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