Chapter8 : The Grave of Henry Avery – Uncharted 4

We aim to grave

It will head straight toward the front of the building of the hill.
Since hitting the cliff and proceed for a while, get off down the right of the slope.

  • Treasure:””
  • 20160517132435 (1)
  • 20160517132435 (2)
  • Find and climb the hill in the upward direction.
  • Treasure:””
  • 20160517132435 (3)
  • 20160517132435 (4)
  • Take the hill in a downward direction, it is found in the lateral hole.
  • 20160517132435 (5)
  • 20160517132435 (6)

Across while jumping the slope of gravel, get down to the bottom of the cliff using a rope.
Since the three mercenaries to be a gunfight fight back while hiding in the shadows.

It will arrive at the first of the ruins area.

  • Treasure:””
  • 20160517132435 (8)
  • 20160517132435 (7)
  • Found in the vicinity of the box, which suffered the far right of the blue sheet.
  • 20160517132435 (9)
  • 20160517132435 (10)

Open the wooden box on the green sheet to obtain the dynamite. It to destroy the door flung towards the front of the door door of the eye.
Next move the yellow box in order to climb to the top. The first door is a destroyed with dynamite!

  • 20160517132435 (11)

Since the middle of mercenaries come in five patrol, go down one by one.
Resume the movement of the box Ttara Awa defeated.

  • Treasure:””
  • 20160517132435 (12)
  • 20160517132435 (13)
  • It can be found in the cave, which was prevented by the wooden box. Entrance of the wooden box will be destroyed by dynamite.

Throwing a rope to a branch of the front of the tree, fly to the cliffs of the other side.
Further over the rope to the branch on the cliff, jump and run to the left direction.
The climb to the top over the rope to the branch of the tree once again, the top of the cliff is coming soon.
In cooperation with Sam, down the ladder.
‘ll Let you pull up to Sam climbed on top of the cliff.

Around the Grave of Henry Avery

We will continue to slide down the slope in front of the eye.
Mercenaries 3 people will come from the left side.
To attack one person at the same time and jump from the top of the cliff.
Kill the mercenaries of the left who are then two people in stealth.

Is there are a lot of mercenaries in the vicinity of the ruins.
In If you avoid a firefight stealth continue to dispose of in the attack.
Trying to making full use of the grass in the shade and debiting attack.
Cheats to exclude from the right side of the enemy is easy.

  • 20160517132435 (16)

To the left back direction of the ruins there is a road to the next.

Proceeds to earlier grabbed a rock wall.
Hook the rope to a tree branch, climb on top of the cliff and swing.
Slide down the slope to slip.

Three mercenaries to battle.
The two men may drop to the bottom of the cliff.

  • 20160517132435 (17)
  • 20160517132435 (18)

Climb on top of the ruins with the slope and the two pillars Once you get rid of the mercenaries.
Go to the opposite side of the cliff from there by folding the slope.
In its previous ruins with a wooden stick, swing, jump.

  • Treasure:””
  • 20160517132435 (19)
  • 20160517132435 (20)
  • Found in the part of the cliff ruins.
  • 20160517132435 (21)
  • 20160517132435 (22)
  • 20160517132435 (23)
  • 20160517132435 (24)

Slipped slope, it jumped, advancing to top further.
To jump to a wooden stick, climb on top of the ruins to swing jump from there.
Slide down the slope, but arrived at the cemetery of Avery if the jump with a rope to the opposite shore.

  • Treasure:””
  • 20160517132435 (25)
  • 20160517132435 (26)

Climb to the left of the wall does not enter the cemetery. It has fallen at the feet of the statue.

The Grave of Henry Avery

  • Journal Entry # 1
  • 20160517132435 (27)
  • The first journal entry of the chapter is located in the invalidity of the short low wall entered the cemetery.
  • 20160517132435 (29)
  • 20160517132435 (30)

The Grave of Henry Avery can be found in the back of the cemetery.
When you find it, the stairs will appear to the underground after the cut scene to tilt the skull.

Underground morgue

  • Journal Note
  • 20160517132435 (31)
  • It has fallen to the left back of the immediate room down the stairs.
  • Treasure:””
  • 20160517132435 (33)
  • 20160517132435 (34)
  • It went the first branch point to the left, found in the feet of the statue.
  • Optional Conversation # 1
  • 20160517132435 (36)
  • Talk to Sam to immediately examine the image.
  • 20160517132435 (35)
  • 20160517132435 (39)

Light a fire in the candlestick in the back of the image of the three-body, back to the front of the image.

  • Right side
  • 20160517132435 (42)
  • 20160517132435 (41)
  • Center
  • 20160517132435 (44)
  • 20160517132435 (43)
  • left side
  • 20160517132435 (45)
  • 20160517150653 (20)

Peek each of the image to move the light to the blue position of the door.
Since the light has been fired in two places, please fitted well to rotate and move.

  • Optional Conversation # 2
  • 20160517150653 (21)
  • Talk to Sam immediately after the door of the mystery solving is over.
  • 20160517150653 (22)

Movie begins when you open the door.
You Get out of the basement morgue for going near the cave of the cliff.

It aims to cave

  • 20160517150653 (23)
  • 20160517150653 (24)

Battle of the mercenary Upon exiting the underground morgue.
It goes out from the mercenaries came out the door.

  • 20160517150653 (25)

While or use a rope and down the slope proceeds to earlier.
We encounter the patrol troops of mercenaries.

  • Treasure:””
  • 20160517150653 (27)
  • 20160517150653 (26)
  • Most found in the back that advanced on the left side of the cave.

Moving the thumb over the ladder.

  • Treasure:””
  • 20160517150653 (28)
  • 20160517150653 (29)
  • It is found on top of the barrel on the left of the previous cave that jumps to the opposite shore.
  • 20160517150653 (30)
  • 20160517150653 (33)20160517150653 (33)
  • 20160517150653 (34)
  • 20160517150653 (35)

Climb on top of the cliff over the rope.

Jump to the other side of the cliff over the rope again the same place.
Slide down the jump slope before hanging on a wooden stick, put a rope to a wooden stick on the left side.
In addition to jump the cliff, climb to the top over the rope to a wooden stick above it.
Once you slide down the front of the slope in the swing jump, jump toward the cliff.
Take the edge of the cliff, it tries to climb the ladder, but break.
Over the rope, caught in a wooden stick in the cliff.
Then climbing the cliff, get pulled up to Sam.

  • Treasure:””
  • 20160517150653 (39)
  • 20160517150653 (40)
  • When Sam is going down the cliff, which had been climbing, found near the broken bridge.

Proceeding to the left of the road will be a battle of the mercenary troops.
To wear down the mercenaries, go to the back of the cave.
Or down the slope, the process proceeds to earlier while applying a rope.
When traveling on the branches of the slender trees, proceed carefully so easy to fall.

If you find the stairs, climb it to the top.

  • Treasure:””
  • 20160517150653 (43)
  • 20160517150653 (44)
  • Found in dive right of the back of the bottom in the middle of the stairs.


  • 20160517150653 (45)

Advance the thin wall of the crevice.
Go down the stairs.

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