Fate Grand Order - Mystic Code: Memories of the Lunar Sea Strategy

This page contains the Mystic Code: Memories of the Lunar Sea Strategy for Fate Grand Order [FGO].

Mystic Code: Memories of the Lunar Sea

Memories of the Lunar Sea is the second obtainable Mystic Code in the English release of Fate Grand Order [FGO]. It is a Mystic Code designed for those who prefer teams that utilize Quick and Arts Cards.

Assigned Skills

Skill Cooldown Effect
Spiritron Boost 15~13 Increase an ally’s Arts Card effectiveness (1 turn)
Stepping Stone to Ultimate Victory 12~10 Increase an ally’s Critical Star drop rate (1 turn)
Punishment 15~13 Apply Nullify Buff to a single enemy (1 time)


Unlocked after clearing the Mystic Code Quest: Memories of the Lunar Sea during the Fate Extella Campaign for the English version. It strikes a balance between Arts and Quick Cards, making servants that capitalize on both suitable for the party composition. Feel free to reserve a slot for the Fate/EXTELLA Craft Essence since it offers Critical Strength and 3 C. Stars which is especially useful when utilizing Quick Chains.

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One of its selling points is the Punishment Skill which dispels 1 enemy’s buff which is applied in times instead of turns. This allows servants to remove either an enemy’s Invincibility, Evade, or Guts buff that are likely to cause the team to be wiped.

Unfortunately, the Spiritron Boost Skill is aimed at enhancing Arts oriented servants which oftentimes lack the offense enough to knock out the enemies and generate C. Stars. Only a handful of servants are capable of utilizing it such as Gilgamesh (Caster). Thus, it is often the neglected among the Assigned Skills which make it inferior among the other Skills.

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  1. Great stuff over here! I’d just like to add some thoughts, too, hihi.
    Spiritron Boost really shines on Servants capable of Arts Brave Chains, because it boosts not just Arts card damage, but also NP generation! Jeanne d’Arc and Medea appreciate it a lot. Other Servants with Arts-type Noble Phantasms and at least two Arts cards can pull it off, too, like Vlad III and Robin Hood! A Spiritron Boost-charged Arts Brave Chain lets these Servants deal a ton of damage with their Noble Phantasm on the first hit, and then regenerate the gauge almost entirely again with the following attacks! So this allows Servants to use their NPs nearly two times in a row! Medea has Rapid Words of the Divine to help her along, Vlad III has Vampirism, and both have good offensive Arts-type NPs!
    Just sharing my thoughts! ^_^ Hope it helps!

    • Hi Beauty Thief! Thanks for imparting some helpful setups and chains for this Mystic Code. I remember talking about Medea with another co-worker to confirm the drastic charge in her NP after using the Skill! No Arts Card seems to be wasted with these setups as all of these appreciate NP gains. When you mention two servants at a time (Jeanne d’Arc, Medea; Vlad III, Robin Hood), do you mean they can be used interchangeably? I do get that Robin Hood and Vlad III have both single-target NPs! We appreciate the way you organized the servants together as these allow not only 5 Stars, but also others to shine.