Chapter11 : Hidden in Plain Slight – Uncharted 4


Commercial Area

  • Treasure “Earthenware Mug”
  • 20160526173443 (3)
  • 20160526173443 (4)
  • Immediately go to the left down the stairs, found in the back of the back alley that was down the stairs.
  • Treasures “Antique Compas”
  • 20160526173443 (1)
  • It can be acquired and down the stairs to the several times haggling negotiation in the right back of the shop.
  • Optional Conversation #1
  • 20160526173443 (5)
  • 20160526173443 (6)
  • 20160526173443 (7)
  • 20160526173443 (8)
  • Food buy apples in places where they sell, talk to the man of lemurs left passage with the apple.
    Conversation after the end of, “Do not raise the arbitrarily food” trophy to come by the lemurs can be acquired.
    Then, it can be subjected talk to Sally.

Keep up with Sally

  • 20160526173443 (10)
  • 20160526173443 (11)

From broken windows into the tower.


Early in the tower

Examine the coat of arms that was drawn on the floor in the first room.

  • Treasure “Nephirite and Jade Bowl”
  • 20160526173443 (13)
  • 20160526173443 (14)
  • Once on the other side of the room where you came into the room, found in the feet of the statue.
  • 20160526173443 (16)

Up the back stairs of the room, open the door.

Clock Tower of the room

  • 20160526173443 (17)

Gimmick and put a coin in the center of the dial on the floor will be activated.
By going to ring the gold of the specified constellation in order, you can proceed to the back.

Let’s ring the bell in the order of the Scorpio → Aquarius → Leo → Taurus.

  • 20160526173443 (21)
  • 20160526173443 (22)

Climbing up to the broken spiral staircase over a rope, climbs to the top while using the gear.

  • 20160526173443 (23)
  • 20160526173443 (24)
  • 20160526173443 (25)

We arrive at the bell of the first Leo, but you go to the ring once past is in the upper left corner of the Scorpio bell.

  • 20160526173443 (26)
  • 20160526173443 (28)

After rang the bell of the Scorpio, down in the lower left, you ring the bell of Aquarius.
Once you ring the bell of Aquarius, back to the bell of Leo, you ring the bell.

  • 20160526173443 (30)
  • 20160526173443 (31)
  • 20160526173443 (32)
  • 20160526173443 (33)

Clock Tower of the room

  • 20160526173443 (34)
  • 20160526173443 (35)
  • 20160526173443 (36)
  • 20160526173443 (38)

Since the Taurus of the bell at the top, we aim to top.
From the gear to the left of the Scorpio, to jump to the bell that is shaking, and then jump to the position of the Taurus.
And ring the bell of the Taurus, but you can unlock the bottom, you will go to ring the large bell that is next to the top.

And rope jump up the stairs.
The next trick is to stop the gear in Leber, we came up the gear. Please moved jump on the floor of the left before you start moving.

Rotate the gear that was hanging on the wall, move such that the needle of the outside of the watch is 09:15.
From the window out, and move with the hands of the clock.

  • 20160526173443 (39)
  • 20160526173443 (40)

Large bell will appear in front of the eye and go up to the top.

  • Treasure “Ivoriy Handle Dagger”
  • 20160526173443 (42)
  • 20160526173443 (43)
  • Keep in mind that even climbed to the top from the position of the large bell found in the veranda that led out of the wooden beams.
  • Trophy
  • 20160526173443 (44)
  • Further rise to the top from the treasure of the location, you can earn a climb to the top of the tower.
  • 20160526173443 (46)

And by turning the handle to attempts to ring the bell, the handle will be broken.
Hanging in the bar, you ring the bell in the swing action.
And ring the bell, the bell is broken we will fall down.
Let’s fallen to the bottom so that it does not die while clinging to various things.

  • Treasure “Brass Glove Hand Warmer”
  • 20160526173443 (47)
  • 20160526173443 (48)
  • You can find in the collapsed rubble.

Down the spiral staircase, you go to the basement of the room.

· Gimmick room

  • 20160526173443 (49)
  • 20160526173443 (50)
  • 20160526173443 (51)

When the apparatus of the front is rotated so that the three stars together in the middle to open the door to the back.

  • 20160526173443 (52)

At the bottom “Baldridge”, “Condent”, the mark of “Bonny” is sure fit in any position in the back of the room.
Three examines the □ in the convex position of the portrait, to confirm the position marked with ★.
Star in three marks is rotated so as to overlap with a notebook.

It returns to the original room to rotate the three marks while watching the notes.
It left the L1 once, central R11 twice, the right R1 once.
It opens the door to the right of the room.
After reviewing the mark in the back of the room, it is rotated to fit the same as ★ position.
It left the R1 once, central R1 once, the right R1 twice.
The next trick is matching the four marks. In order from left
L1 twice, L1 once, L2 twice, is completed in R1 once.

Taken the location of the top of the pedestal in the smart phone, and sends it to Sam.

Outside of the tower

Commercial Area

Trophy Being without operation 30 seconds “stage phobia”
Keep up with Sam.
Fierce gunfight.
Missing the right of the store while defeat the enemy, climb the ladder, get on the buggy.


Going down intently the town
The middle, because the armored car come shot the gun, proceed while to choose a different way from the way that armored vehicle has passed.
Because there is a place with the traffic congestion, to jump from the stairs to bypass.

Chasing Sam

Advance the field chasing Sam.
Hooking the rope to go up to the foot of the bridge.
The firefight while caught in the rope, jump onto the track.
Since the game is over Once passed in the state of riding on the track time, fight while move jump in trucks and buggy.
Movie start and catch up with Sam.
Come to help Sam and goes out.
Since the armored car comes chasing, single-mindedly shoot up.
Chapter end movie begins.

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