Chapter16 : The Brothers Drake – Uncharted4

In the mansion


In this chapter is the episode of your childhood.

  • Treasure “Toy Soldier”
  • 20160601002203 (3)
  • 20160601002203 (4)
  • It is found on the nearby bench of the fountain in the garden of the right.
  • 20160601002203 (5)
  • 20160601002203 (6)
  • 20160601002203 (7)
  • 20160601002203 (8)

To make sure that the front door of the key is at stake.
Proceeds from the left side of the entrance to the back door, climb on the roof along with Sam.
I went up to the veranda and into the building from an open window.

In a building

Examine the boxes and paper storeroom room.
Sam finds the door to the lower floor.

  • Optional Conversation # 1
  • 20160601002203 (27)
  • 20160601002203 (28)
  • After examining the notes in the back of the room to put to open the door, talk to Sam.

Even in the lower floor appropriately examine the boxes and paper.
Open the back of the door along with Sam.

  • Treasure “Toy Seaplane”
  • 20160601002203 (10)
  • 20160601002203 (11)
  • Find and go up immediately to the right of the stairs into the room.

Get off to the left of the stairs

1st floor

It is examined, such as invitations and globe and armor.
Because it is examining the various things to other, look around a lot of things.

  • Optional Conversation # 2 & 3
  • 20160601002203 (15)
  • 20160601002203 (16)
  • Talk to Sam after finding a book of pirate in a room big gong is in the entrance.

Examine the vent.
Move the shelf along with the sum from the first floor of the back of the room.
It aims to vent climbing the shelf.

  • Treasure “Pirate Snowglobe”
  • 20160601002203 (30)
  • 20160601002203 (31)
  • Jump on the second floor of the opposite side immediately climbing from the shelf. Found on the couch.

Proceed to put a vent, get down to the bottom of the room and kicked the lid.
Also various examine things in the room, to get the key at the top of the chest of drawers next to the bed.
Opening the door of the room with a key.
Out on the landing, open the door of the second floor of another room.
Open the box under the desk.

Movie begins.

Run away from police

From the window out to the outside, climb to the top along the pipe.
Keep up with the back of Sam.

To jump with a chimney, found in the police will fall under the next time you try to descend from the roof.
The police run at full speed in the opposite direction.
Police also appeared from the front, to break through the police siege while chasing behind Sam.
If you get out of the house from the back door of the gate, it starts the movie ride on the bike, chapter end.

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