Chapter5 : Hector Alcazar-Uncharted 4

Sam’s Story


In this chapter you will operate the Sam.
Following a trail of Alcåzar.

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Passed a gun.

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It begins a firefight door is open.
Replenishment of the bullet is in the magazine the enemy drop.
Since the enemy is drop the rifle, use and pick up.

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Recovery hidden Once reduced stamina.

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You in some of the landing floor will be attacked by the guards from behind when you try to bend to the left. Let’s shake off △ button.

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When the processing proceeds to the room in which the fluorescent lamp is shining, because one of the fellow is to blow up the right back of the wall, and continue the hole made by the explosion.

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In addition we will proceed to the exit to climb the stairs.

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When you arrive to a room with a trash can, because the large number of guards from behind comes chasing, and then returned fire with a gun.

When you fight off the guards, so close to the wall of the Alcåzar is destroyed, it will head to the outlet.

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A fixed machine gun out to the outside has in store.
Fixed machine gun is repeated for a certain period of time attack → reload.
If during the attack repeat the advance in the reload hiding, ally me detonated a fixed machine gun.

Chasing Alcåzar, the movie starts and goes out of prison
The movie ends when the chapter clear

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