Chapter9 : Those Who Prove Worthy – Uncharted 4

In the Cave

  • Journal Entry # 1
  • 20160524165541 (2)
  • Make a note of the skeleton in the immediate right of the cage began.

Available to you the right of the stairs.

  • Treasure “Lantern Mounted Flintlock”
  • 20160524165541 (3)
  • 20160524165541 (4)
  • Down the cliff when before crossing the bridge, found in the top of the lying skeleton.

Let’s cross the bridge.
Down the slope to immediately slip turn right Once you cross the bridge.
The last of the slope will jump to the cliff of the front.

Climb a rock wall, and you pass through a dubious gate, you will reach a room with a object.

Puzzle room

  • 20160524165541 (5)
  • 20160524165541 (6)
  • 20160524165541 (8)
  • 20160524165541 (9)

Gimmick is activated upon entering the room, it will not go back.
Pull the skull in the door of the back left.
Put the water in a bucket, you can move a gimmick If you put the water in the gimmick.
If you can take the trick with fewer steps, you can win the trophy.

  • 20160524165541 (11)
  • 20160524165541 (12)

Shortest procedure
1, 2, 3, 4 of the wheel in order from the left of the wheel you will be able to operate.

Turn the wheel #2. Once to the left.
Turn the wheel #3. Two times to the left.
Turn the wheel #2. Two times to the left.
Turn the wheel #3. Once to the right.

When the puzzle is complete, examine the switch of Tobirayoko.

  • Journal Entry #2
  • 20160524165541 (14)
  • Examine the switch after the door release.

Cave after puzzle room

  • Optional Conversation #1
  • 20160524165541 (15)
  • Talk to Sam in the near cliff.
  • Treasure “Strange Pendant”
  • Jump from the right of the cliff, over the rope, to jump to the side hole.
    Found in the feet of the right of the skeleton of the lateral hole.
  • Treasure “Amatory Box”
  • 20160524165541 (20)
  • 20160524165541 (21)
  • After that in the first one of the rope jump went in the back, and get off the left side of the cliff to the bottom, it can be found in the middle of the cliff.

Let climb thumb on top of the ladder.

  • 20160524165541 (22)
  • 20160524165541 (23)

Then Sam is drop the box, it moved to the quay, and then proceed to the top as it is.
Enter the hole that Sam has entered in the cliff.

Internal underground cemetery

We will arrive at the Catacombs and advance the hole.
Proceed a little, and caught the cliff, you start the movie of Nadine & Rafe.

Continue on cliff, advance to the widest point a little bit of scaffolding.

  • Treasure “Pewter Box”
  • 20160524165541 (24)
  • 20160524165541 (25)
  • Found in the back of the stone statue of the inclination of the small room, which is located along the wall to the left of the hall.

When multiplied by the rope, stretching the rope up to the maximum, to jump and shake to the left.
Jumped to the cliff from the scaffolding, drop the previous wooden box advanced a small lateral hole below.

By using a wooden box, climb the walls of the front.

  • Treasure “Memento Mori Skull Watch”
  • 20160524165541 (26)
  • 20160524165541 (27)
  • When you get off the nearby broken bridge down, you will find.

Want to proceed to the further first, but once again has broken bridge, you thwart your way.
Over the rope to the right of the box, please came in from the cliff.

  • Treasure “Scottish Tipstaff”
  • 20160524165541 (28)
  • 20160524165541 (29)
  • It is put on top of the right back of the junk that was multiplied by the rope.

The box multiplied by the earlier rope is moved to the bottom of the step, it ran a cliff over the rope in the same way as before, and then jumps to the previous area of ​​the broken bridge.

Location was between the ordeal

Get down to the bottom left of the cliff.

  • Journal Note
  • 20160524165541 (30)
  • Investigate immediately of the skull down the cliff.

Take the stick of wood, ride a seesaw
To jump with the confirmation that Sam was riding on the seesaw back of the right wall.
Over on the opposite shore by using a rope jump, dropping a box of wood to seesaw.
Also it passes through the Gate ride to seesaw.

  • 20160524165541 (31)

When you press the switch proceed as far as it will go, the movie begins.

When the movie is finished it will be fierce firefight.
I do not have a gun, run away anyway.
It will fall to the bottom and collapsed scaffolding and jump towards the thumb.
Use the pillar, let’s climb in a hurry to the top. As it slowly, it will collapsed pillars.

It robs a gun to jump from the pillar.
Defeat hit come enemy
Because there is a machine gun and go out and defeat the enemy while eluded
Kill from a distance because the sniper appears
Enemy appears in large amounts from the opposite bank and go to the location was a sniper purchase using a rope
Since the sniper has a high power, beat comfortably and fight instead of having a weapon
Over on the opposite shore, advance while defeating the enemy.
It aims to sea use, such as sliding hill and rope jump
Last dive into the sea, and into the airplane that is waiting in the sea movie
The movie ends when the chapter clear

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