Chapter7 : Lights Out – Uncharted 4

Outside the building

Go up to the right of the stairs.
Jump to the building next door to jump.

It does not unless proceed as not found in the security guards from here.
First withdraw the guards go to the left.
Trophy “Cliffhanger”
※Retry to withdraw the security guard 20 times.
Advance while hiding in the left direction in the shadow of the building.

To arrive in the grass.
Hide in the ○ button in the grass.
Defeat the guards in stealth attack.
Up the grass of the back of the stairs, climb the wall and into the roof of the building.
It enters the second window from the left of the four a window.

To get away from the door.
Movie begins.
It begins melee combat with Nadine.
Your attack will be done unilaterally without good hit.
Finally, it is thrown from the window to the Grenadines.

Move the bar, climb on top of the roof.
Please proceed with the aim of back round signboard.
Move the roof, to jump to the right of the building.
In addition to jump to the bar of metal, move to the round signboard.

You will receive a gun from Sam.
Since the firefight starts, defeat the black clothes.

The next step is to move with the aim of Hall.
Advance so as not to be found in as much as possible the guards with the previous stealth attack and withdraw money.
After moving to the place where there is a box to move, climb on the move the box.
Since three of the guards appear, trying to move so as not to be found.
Come out to the place where Sam When you move from the top of the roof with a wire.

Do Sam and firefight in the room.
And it goes out to defeat the enemy in, as it is also firefight begins outside.
Since Sally cars come and go up to near the exit, the movie starts, the ride in the car.
Chapter cleared movie Exit.

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