Chapter1 : The Lure of Adventure-Uncharted 4

アンチャーテッド® 海賊王と最後の秘宝_20160510122516


  • go out from the window, walk on the roof

climb to the outdoor unit in the vicinity of the sliding roof, go up along the wall.
down to the opposite side of the sliding roof, traveling on the roof.
enter into the facility.

  • Listen to the conversation of Sister and man

Hidden by the ○ button

  • Go to a separate room two people when the conversation is over

There is 「Behavioral Report Form」 to the other end of the room with the sister entered the room.

  • Go to the Sister of the room

Aim the window from the right side hidden obstacles.
So as not to be found in the Sister, advance while hiding in the obstacle.
Since Sister leaves the room is called a man, go out of the window in the gap.

  • Out of the window

get off at the ○ button, advance the on the roof repeatedly jump Ya climb in the × button.
To move on top of the small building to jump from the roof.
Move along the ledge of the wall.
It advances to the top of the large building of the roof up the tube.

  • Top of roof

Movie starts and pick up the light.

  • Proceed with Sam

Go along with Sam.
Go to imitate the thumb of movement.
When it reaches the end, the movie starts.


  • Tutorial of fighting

□ Button in the attack.
To cancel the restraint in the △ button.
And defeat your opponent, chapter clear begins movie.

>>Chapter2 : Infernal Place

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