Chapter2 : Infernal Place-Uncharted 4


  • Keep up with the guards.
  • Enter another building.

Proceed along the road.

Outside of prison

  • Go get the items

Advance along the road down the stairs.
It arrives follow the hut and climb the left side of the cliff.
There is a 「rope」 to the bottom of the left of the desk of the hut.
There is a Treasures : Panamanian Cat Pendant” in the well.
trophy “First Treasure”

    • Move the crate, climb the cliff to the right of the hut

Throw the rope by pressing the L1 button toward the bar, proceed.
The same thing even in the earlier.

  • Down the downhill, over the rope, hold on to the right of the bricks to jump.

The cliff with cleft hand is multiplied likely wall.
Not enter into the hut, climb up to the roof of the hut.

  • It sticks to the wall to jump from bar of convex wood

Aiming to windows that are vacant upper left while grasping the crevices of the wall and into the tower.

Among the cell tower

  • It will be displayed with the L1 and Continue facing the right. Over the rope, breaking the window pull the rope

There is a “secretary” to the lower floor of the building.
The shadow of the pillars there is a “Treasures : Navaja Folding Knife“.

  • From breaking windows to get out, go further climb to the top of the tower.

Penetrate from the vacant window enter the “cell of Burns

  • cell of Burns

Examine the graffiti on the wall
Note to act as instructed to look at.
Examine the mark of the written walls and constellations of numbers.
Image and examine the stone that says Ⅻ enters the hand.

  • Leaving open the door.

Get down to the bottom with a rope.
To jump to the front of the net.

  • Take the thin wooden board all the way, get down to the bottom

Jump towards the wall because under the floor would down slip.
It goes out from the door

Jail cell outside of the tower

  • Jump to a wooden stick to jump from a wooden board.

Go down the hill to the left direction is along the road willing
The timing well rope and jump.
Climb the lookout, to jump from a wooden board.
Climbing the walls
Descend down from the vacant portion of the red roof

  • The movie will start.
  • There are more events on both sides of the battle.

Escape from the jail cell

  • Run for fellow

It opened the fence, dropping the iron ladder, to help, there is an action, such as.

  • There is a fighting battle

For Sam to move, make their way to press the bed together.
Then, out of the forest performed on fellow.
Go straight through the forest, to dive from the cliff

  • Opening begins, chapter clear

Treasure of location

  • Panamanian Cat Pendant

Among the well near the hut there was a rope

  • Navaja Folding Knife

Among the cell tower. Near the pillar near the place where there was a secretary.

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