[Fate Grand Order/ FGO] Ascension Materials Farming – Nero Festival

This article contains tips and tricks as to farming ascension materials in the Nero Festival for Fate Grand Order [FGO].

This article contains tips and tricks as to farming Ascension Materials in the Nero Festival for Fate Grand Order [FGO]. We’ll continue to update this article as we find more ways on how to farm during Nero Fest.

Ascension Materials Farming (Nero Festival)

During the Nero Festival, there are multiple enemies that appear. Some of these enemies that appear are not even available without the event. There’s also a minute possibility that the drop rates for certain Ascension Materials drop higher in the event than that of the regular Free Quest. Also, the EXP and Bond Points of the Nero Festival are higher than those of the normal Daily Quest.

Thus, here are the Materials players can farm during the Nero Festival.

List of Farmable Ascension Materials

 Material Stage Name Enemy
 Claw of Chaos Three Heroes of China  Qiongji (Chimera)
Dragon Fang Diva with the Beautiful Voice +1, Knight’s Oath SP Wyvern, Dragontooth Warrior
Evil Bone Salon de Caster Skeleton
Proof of Hero By the White Flag, By the Black Flag French Soldier, Zombie
Seed of Yggdrasil The Girl Next Door, Battle of Gojo Bridge Werewolf, Werejaguar, Goblin, Amazoness, Amazoness Leader
Phoenix Feather The Girl Next Door Amazoness Queen
Octuplet Crystal Muscle Language Golem, Iron Golem, Crystal Golem
Ghost Lantern We Have Come in Secret Ghost, Terror Ghost, Ancient Ghost
Serpent Jewel Gorgon Island Lamia, Naga, Naga Raja
Dragon Reverse Scale Glorious Rome Dragon

Meteor Horseshoe, Homunculus Baby, Forbidden Page, Eternal Gear?

Ascension Materials

As of now, those items are not exactly “farmable” due to having a limit. At the same time, the “farmable” material for the player to earn those are the Gold Medals. The Event Exchange Shop only has 10 in stock for those particular items. Another is that there is no consistent flow of the materials mentioned above.

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