Fate Grand Order - Challenge 8: Alien Invasion Walkthrough

Guide for the Challenge 8: Alien Invasion in Fate Grand Order for the Saber Wars Event 2018 (US). Looking for a quick and easy way to finish the Challenge 8: Alien Invasion? Check out our Fate Grand Order guides here.

Challenge 8: Alien Invasion Guide – Walkthrough

The Challenge 8: Alien Invasion is one of the easier Altrium farming quests. As the eighth of the Altrium quests, the Challenge 8: Alien Invasion doesn’t pose too much of a challenge and is well-suited for Sabers. Players can even opt to rely on pure raw power to mince through the incoming enemies.

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AP Cost 10 Bond Point 665
EXP 18815 QP 6900
Tendency Lancer First Reward Reverse Dragon Scale x 3


Enemy Information
Battle 1/2
Altonian (Lvl 45/ Lancer/ 26718 HP) Elite Altonian (Lvl 35/ Lancer/ 77,016 HP) Altonian (Lvl 45/ Lancer/ 26718 HP)
Battle 2/2
Space Super Dragon Zaxon (Lvl 50/ Lancer/ 889,670 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce


  • Like all Alien Invasion Quests, the Challenge 8: Alien Invasion opens with one set of Altonians. However, as it is one of the later Alien Invasion Quests, the Challenge 8: Alien Invasion has beefier Altonians. But with strengthened Sabers with Star of Altria equipped, these shouldn’t be a problem for you. Power up your Noble Phantasm Gauge here as much as you can. You’ll need it.
  • After defeating the Altonians, you’ll reach the second wave with the Dragon. Now, for all those who have faced Fafnir in Orleans, Dragons are multi-hitters and can power up their special move twice in one turn. The objective here is to kill it before it kills you.
  • Siegfried shines here for being a Dragon Slayer. His Balmung will definitely lay heavy damage against the Dragon boss to quickly end the Challenge 8: Alien Invasion.

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