Fate Grand Order - Challenge 7: Alien Invasion Walkthrough

Guide to Challenge 7: Alien Invasion of Saber Wars Event (US) 2018. The Challenge 7: Alien Invasion is the seventh daily quest during the Saber Wars Event which involves two waves of battles. Fortunately however, they are both Rider and Lancer class only. Want an easy way to figure it out? Check out our FGO guide!

Challenge 7: Alien Invasion Guide – Walkthrough

The Challenge 7: Alien Invasion is one of the easier Altrium farming quests. As the seventh of the Altrium quests, the Challenge 7: Alien Invasion doesn’t pose too much of a challenge and is well-suited for Sabers. Players can even opt to rely on pure raw power to mince through the incoming enemies.

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AP Cost 10 Bond Point 615
EXP 15690 QP 6400
Tendency Rider/Lancer First Reward Heart of the Foreign God x 3


Enemy Information
Battle 1/2
Altonian (Lvl 40/ Lancer/ 23782 HP) Elite Altonian (Lvl 30/ Lancer/ 65892 HP) Altonian (Lvl 40/ Lancer/ 23782 HP)
Battle 2/2
Galaxy Demon Gogumagon (Lvl 35/ Rider/ 666,370 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce


  • For the Challenge 7: Alien Invasion, you’ll have the usual first wave of Altonians and the second wave containing the last creature. Since all the Altonians are Lancer class in nature, all you need are Saber class servants to burn through them. But take note of the Rider class enemy that waits for you at the end. Make sure to bring an Assassin class servant (i.e. Mysterious Heroine X) to remove that pesky Rider class enemy.
  • Once you reach the second wave, your Assassin class servant will have the best advantage here. However, if you have Star of Artoria, it should make battling this last enemy a whole lot easier. By then however, make sure at least one of your servants has their NP charged. This particular enemy can be quite tanky.
  • If you have Mysterious Heroine X, she should be able to punch down that Daemon waiting at the last area. However, if she doesn’t have her NP, you can also have other Assassin servants such as Jack the Ripper. Or, you can have Okita Souji or Altera to take it down. With that, you’ll have fully completed Challenge 7: Alien Invasion.

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