Fate Grand Order - Challenge 9: Alien Invasion Walkthrough

Guide for the Challenge 9: Alien Invasion in Fate Grand Order for the Saber Wars Event 2018 (US). Looking for a quick and easy way to finish the Challenge 9: Alien Invasion? Check out our Fate Grand Order guides here.

Challenge 9: Alien Invasion Guide – Walkthrough

The Challenge 9: Alien Invasion is one of the easier Altrium farming quests. As the second of the Altrium quests, the Challenge 9: Alien Invasion doesn’t pose too much of a challenge and is well-suited for Sabers. Players can even opt to rely on pure raw power to mince through the incoming enemies.

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AP Cost 10 Bond Point 715
EXP 22190 QP 7400
Tendency Caster/Lancer First Reward Reverse Dragon Scale x 3


Enemy Information
Battle 1/3
Elite Altonian (Lvl 30/ Lancer/ 65892 HP) Cass Knit (Lvl 77/ Caster/ 207980 HP ) Elite Altonian (Lvl 30/ Lancer/ 65892 HP)
Battle 2/3
Elite Altonian (Lvl 30/ Lancer/ 65892 HP) Tentacle Marshal Sanity Gilles
(Lvl 77/ Caster/ 308790 HP)
Elite Altonian (Lvl 30/ Lancer/ 65892 HP)
Battle 3/3
 Dr. Evil (Lvl 77/ Caster/ 411720 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce


  • Like all Alien Invasion Quests, the Challenge 9: Alien Invasion opens with one set of Altonians. However, there’s another problem. All waves have at least 1 servant to worry about. Depending on how your team is built, this match can either go down badly or easily. Each wave has 1 Caster Class servant that accompanies the Altonians. If you don’t think your team can handle it, bring one Rider class servant with you. However, the Saber class servants need to make sure they can defend the incoming attacks towards the Rider class servant.
  • Focus your attacks on the Caster class servant enemies. As legitimate servants, they have access to their true noble phantasm. For Cass Knit‘s case, he can unleash his multi-hit noble phantasm – Wickerman which also inflicts Burn. Or, if you have Jeanne D’ Arc who is a known servant killer – she can also stall the release of Wickerman.
  • The next wave has Gilles De Rais who isn’t much of a threat compared to Cu Chulainn (Caster). Gilles De Rais‘ only potential threat is his noble phantasm – Prelati – which is a multi-hit and a Buster noble phantasm. However, he doesn’t have much skills to aid him in combat so wasting him shouldn’t take too long.
  • As for the final wave of the Challenge 9: Alien Invasion, your enemy would be Dr. Evil (AKA Paracelsus Von Hoenheim) who has a large chunk of HP. Fortunately for you, you should either have your NP charged or if your Rider class servant survived, be able to deal extra damage. At the same time, all efforts can be focused into taking him down.
  • Once he goes down, you’ll have finished the Challenge 9: Alien Invasion.

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