Fate Grand Order - Challenge 13: Alien Invasion Walkthrough

Guide for the Challenge 13: Alien Invasion in Fate Grand Order for the Saber Wars Event 2018 (US). Looking for a quick and easy way to finish the Challenge 13: Alien Invasion? Check out our Fate Grand Order guides here.

Challenge 13: Alien Invasion Guide – Walkthrough

The Challenge 13: Alien Invasion is the hardest and the final Altrium farming quests. As the final of the Altrium quests, the Challenge 13: Alien Invasion doesn’t pose too much of a challenge and is well-suited for Sabers. Players can even opt to rely on pure raw power to mince through the incoming enemies.

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AP Cost 10 Bond Point 915
EXP 38190 QP 9400
Tendency Lancer First Reward Crystallized Lore x1


Enemy Information
Battle 1/1
Dark Knight Altvader (Lvl 90/ Lancer/  3,333,333 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce


  • Unfortunately, the Challenge 13: Alien Invasion quest has no starting wave to help you buff up your NP. For this case, you may want to at least have 1 Command Spell in order to get the upper hand. With the large HP Altria Pendragon (Lancer) (Alter) has, you’re going to at least need to perform a Noble Phantasm chain and one more Noble Phantasm for good measure.
  • For the Challenge 13: Alien Invasion Quest, get a Saber class servant who can inflict a defense debuff. This would definitely be useful especially if you’re going to NP chain. One such servant is Altera whose Photon Ray inflicts a Defense Debuff upon landing.
  • The rest of the other servants, you may as well bring Saber class servants with a single-hit noble phantasm. Okita Souji is highly suggested here due to her Quick Card enhancing skill plus her Mumyou Suzuki is a single hit noble phantasm. Not just that, she also has one Evade which can save her from the incoming Noble Phantasm of Altria Pendragon Lancer Alter.
  • After that, charge up the team’s NP as fast as you can. You only have four turns to charge it up before she unleashes her deadly noble phantasm which inflicts Curse and NP seal.
  • If she does manage to land it, it’s okay. Just make sure your main DPS servant is still alive after the attack.
  • If you see if you can brave chain with a noble phantasm, do it. Even if it needs one Command Seal then, it’s okay. As long as you can get rid of her, one command seal won’t kill you.
  • For Mystic Codes, bring your strongest one. Or, bring one with Evade – the default mystic code. With that, you have a bigger heal and you have one Evade for any servant of your choice.
  • After killing her, you finally get 230,000 Altrium from the Challenge 13: Alien Invasion if one has a full Saber team.

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