Fate Grand Order - Almost Weekly Santa Alter: Fate GO Christmas 2017

Christmas is coming, magi of Chaldea! Welcome to the event - the Fate GO Christmas 2017: Almost Weekly Santa Alter Christmas event for Fate Grand Order!

Almost Weekly Santa Alter: Fate GO Christmas 2017

Magi and servants of Chaldea, it’s almost Christmas! Everyone’s hoping for a nice mug of hot chocolate and cuddle weather with their favourite servants. But apparently Chaldea has other ideas. At the end of the Rayshift, a mysterious servant stands at the end of it all. Who is this servant? Why come during Christmas? Who knows? Looks like the Almost Weekly Santa Alter Event for FGO Christmas 2017 is about to begin!

almost weekly santa alter


  • The event will run from December 1, 2017 – 7:00 AM UTC to December 11, 2017 to 3:59 PM UTC.
  • As the event starts, you’ll have a limited event servant – the 4 Star Altria Pendragon (Santa Alter) fighting alongside you.
  • While fighting alongside her, you’ll have to farm the Special Exchange Tickets for the Almost Weekly Santa Alter event.
  • A new quest appears everyday with the event ending on December 11, 2017.
  • While performing the quests, players must farm for an item known as the Magical Stockings which they can exchange for presents from Santa Alter.
  • Each line-up has a different Grand Prize which you can reset once you obtain the grand prize.
    • However, at the 6th line up, you won’t be able to gather Golden Fruits and Silver Fruits.

Event Items

The Event Items are split into four categories: the Magical Stockings, the Golden Stars, the Silver Bells, and the Mini Ribbons. Each of these items can be exchanged for better items depending on how much you have.

Looking for how much you need to farm? Check out our Event Exchange Guide!

Almost Weekly Santa Alter Event Quests

Main Quest

Episode Battle Name
Prelude Black Santa Claus
1 Little Darius
2 Her Name is Marie
3 HeartbreakxJean Kay
4 P.S. Daddy Longlegs
5 Little Gilgamesh
6 Fake Santa, Mr. Caesar
7 Assault by the Other Alter

Free Quest

Rank AP Cost
Dreaming Christmas 10
Smiling Christmas 20
Naughty Christmas 30
 Almost Christmas 40
Adult but, Still Christmas 50

Tips and Tricks

Having a hard time farm those highly-coveted event materials for those gorgeous skill & ascension materials? Players can check the links down below for some tips and tricks as to where and how to farm the FGO Event Items for the Almost Weekly Santa Alter within a short amount of time.

Additional Events

  • While the Almost Weekly Santa Alter quest is running, you’ll also have additional summons. Two new servants will be joining us for this Christmas: 5 Star (SSR) Assassin Servant, Jack the Ripper and Nursery Rhyme, a 4 Star (SR) Caster Servant. Adding them to the party means more Magical Stockings! Yay!
  • But they’re not the only servants that will have an increased drop rate:
  • Another set of good news, once London comes out – Jack the Ripper and Nursery Rhyme will become permanently available!
  • And as a limited event craft essence, the 3 Star Lightning Reindeer will appear in the Friend Point summon during the Almost Weekly Santa Alter event!

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