Fate Grand Order - Challenge 10: Alien Invasion Walkthrough

Guide for the Challenge 10: Alien Invasion in Fate Grand Order for the Saber Wars Event 2018 (US). Looking for a quick and easy way to finish the Challenge 10: Alien Invasion? Check out our Fate Grand Order guides here.

Challenge 10: Alien Invasion Guide – Walkthrough

The Challenge 10: Alien Invasion is one of the easier Altrium farming quests. As the tenth of the Altrium quests, the Challenge 10: Alien Invasion doesn’t pose too much of a challenge and is well-suited for Sabers. Players can even opt to rely on pure raw power to mince through the incoming enemies.

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AP Cost 10 Bond Point 765
EXP 7900 QP 25815
Tendency Lancer/Assassin/Berserker First Reward Claw of Chaos x4


Enemy Information
Battle 1/2
Elite Altonian (Lvl 33/ Lancer/ 72654 HP) Elite Altonian (Lvl 33/ Lancer/ 72654 HP) Elite Altonian (Lvl 33/ Lancer/ 72654 HP)
Battle 2/2
Space Beast Mega Ramechi
(Lvl 30/ Berserker/ 116281 HP)
(Lvl 75/ Assassin/ 936900 HP)
Space Beast Mega Ramechi
(Lvl 30/ Berserker/ 116281 HP)


Drop Item Information
Ascension Skill Reinforce
Ascension &
Skill Reinforce


  • Like all Alien Invasion Quests, the Challenge 10: Alien Invasion opens with one set of Altonians. For the Challenge 10: Alien Invasion quest, the last boss is Jack the Ripper – a well-known Female killer. Unfortunately, majority of the Sabers are female which put you at a slight disadvantage.
  • However, players can also set this off by using the other Saber servants such as Siegfried, Julius Caesar, Chevalier D’Eon as a means to defeat the other enemies without taking bonus damage from Jack the Ripper’s attack.
  • Players can also resort to using one male Caster class servant to put her down. Male Caster Class Servants include Zhuge Liang, Hans Christian Andersen, and Paracelsus Von Hoenheim. However, as to which servant you choose also depends on your team composition. If you’re looking for sustain, Hans can do that for you. Debuff and NP gain goes to Zhuge Liang whereas Hoenheim has an attack-based NP.
  • But take note, there are two Chimeras guarding Jack the Ripper.
    • Personal suggestion, whittle them down slowly. Or if you have a full NP gauge the moment you reach her, so much the better – just blast them down. At the same time, if your Caster class has Purely Bloom equipped to them, it should make this battle end faster.
  • After defeating Jack, you’ll be able to get your well deserved Altrium.

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