Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Azure Rathalos Monster Guide

A guide on Azure Rathalos in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, including an overview, monster stats, materials, and strategy on how to defeat it.

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Azure Rathalos

Azure Rathalos Guide

Azure Rathalos is a subspecies of Rathalos, having blue scales instead of the usual red. It is more aggressive than regular Rathalos, able to throw out attacks relentlessly. Azure Rathalos inhabits the harsh environment of Elder’s Recess but has also been sighted in the Ancient Forest.


Type Element Ailments inflicted Weakness
Flying Wyvern Fire Fireblight, poison Dragon, ice
Weak Points Breakable Parts Location Tempered Level
Head, wings, tail Head, wings, back, tail Ancient Forest, Elder’s Recess 2


Material How to Obtain Notes
Azure Rathalos Scale+ Body carving, tail caving, quest reward
  • High rank only
Azure Rathalos Carapace Body carving, quest reward
  • High rank only
Azure Rathalos Wing Body carving, quest reward
  • High rank only
Rathalos Medulla Body carving, tail carving, quest reward
  • High rank only
Azure Rathalos Tail Tail carving, quest reward
  • Cut tail
  • High rank only
Monster Hardbone Quest reward
  • High rank only
Inferno Sac Quest reward
  • High rank only
Rathalos Plate Body carving, quest reward
  • 7% body carving
  • 5% tail carving
  • 3% quest reward (+4% for breaking head, +7% for capturing)
  • High rank only
Rathalos Ruby Body carving, quest reward
  • 2% body carving
  • 3% tail carving
  • quest reward (+1% for breaking head, +1% for breaking back, +2% for capturing)
  • 7% silver investigation reward chance
  • 14% gold investigation reward chance
  • High rank only


Fire Resistance

As with its regular variant, Azure Rathalos boasts very powerful fire attacks. Wear armor with good fire resistance to reduce elemental damage. Good choices include the high rank Bone and Anja armor sets. You can also eat a veggie platter at the canteen to further increase fire defense.

Getting hit by any of its fire attacks causes fireblight, which continuously eats at your health. Use Nullberries to cure yourself or roll on the ground to remove it.

Use Flashpods

Azure Rathalos spends a longer time in the air than its regular variant. Using flashpods causes it to crash down and become vulnerable for a brief period. Azure Rathalos will develop resistance to flashpods over time, so use them exclusively for forcing the monster to the ground.

Use Shock Traps

Shock traps allow you to get in a good amount of hits by immobilizing Azure Rathalos. As with flashpods, Azure Rathalos will become more resistant to them with continued use.

Bring Antidotes

Azure Rathalos can perform an aerial talon attack to inflict poison and stun. Unlike its regular variant, Azure Rathalos will often use it immediately after its aerial fireball move. This deadly combo can be can be used multiple times, especially when Azure Rathalos is enraged.

Aerial Fireball-Talon Attack Combo

Azure Rathalos will almost always perform its poison talon attack after shooting out a fireball from the air. Since the talon attack does not force it to land, it can repeat the combo indefinitely. Unless you are able to ground it with flashpods, focus on dodging it while it is airborne.

Landing Trap

It is very dangerous to approach Azure Rathalos after it performs its landing talon attack. This is because it can immediately do an aerial fireball that gets it airborne again. Similar to its aerial fireball-talon attack combo, Azure Rathalos can do this an indefinite number of times.

Cut off Azure Rathalos’ Tail

Azure Rathalos’ tail whip attack will have reduced range after its tail has been severed. Extremely rare materials such as Rathalos plates and rubies can also be carved from them.
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