Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Glavenus Monster Guide

A guide on Glavenus in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, including an overview, monster stats, materials, and strategy on how to defeat it.

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Glavenus Monster Guide

The brute wyvern Glavenus is known for its massive sword-like tail that it uses to cleave its prey. Its throat contains burning-hot flames that the creature can shoot at targets. Glavenus can also sharpen its tail and cover it with fire, allowing it to cause explosions when swung. The beast is extremely aggressive. Despite being classified as a brute wyvern, Glavenus are said to be very intelligent.


Type Element Ailments Inflicted Weakness
Brute Wyvern Fire Fireblight Water, Dragon
Weak Points Breakable Parts Location Tempered Level
Head Head, tail Wildspire Waste


Material How to Obtain Notes
Glavenus Shard Body carving, quest reward
Glavenus Cortex Body carving, quest reward
Glavenus Hardfang Body carving, quest reward
  • Break head
Glavenus Tailedege Tail carving, quest reward
  • Cut tail
Molten Bursa Dropped, quest reward


Fire Resistance

Having high fire resistance helps minimize damage from Glavenus’ elemental attacks. Pieces of Teostra, Damascus, Zorah Magdaros, and Uragaan armor sets offer some of the highest protection against fire. If you are short on materials to craft them, the Kulu and Anjanath sets work well as alternatives.

Do not forget to eat a veggie platter at the canteen to boost elemental defenses. Wearing the fireproof mantle is also recommended to further mitigate incoming fire damage.

Stay on the Move

Glavenus’ size and sword tail make it a very dangerous monster to deal with up close. While strafing is generally a good strategy, you may get clipped when it does its explosive sword tail spin. The tell for the attack is when Glavenus steps back and turns its head sideways to gain momentum for the spin.

Try to stay at medium range from Glavenus at all times. Create some space so that its sword tail spin cannot reach you but remain close enough for you to dash in afterward and get in around three hits with a fast weapon before it recovers. With slower weapons, especially great swords, you may be limited to draw attacks before quickly retreating. You can also block the sword tail spin depending on the weapon you are using.

It is extremely risky to attack Glavenus when it is enraged. In addition to having enhanced speed and reduced attack recovery, it will often chain its sword tail attacks. Among these is a devastating double tail slash that ends with an explosive sword tail spin. Wait for it to calm down before taking any offensive action.

Avoid Confined Spaces

Having very little room to move around makes it very difficult to avoid Glavenus’ attacks. Lure Glavenus out in an open area as much as possible.

Use Your Surroundings

Use paratoads found at area 5 and 9 to immobilize Glavenus, allowing you to unload on it without fear of a counterattack. You can also get the monster stuck in some vines in area 4, 8, and 15.

Bring Nullberies

Glavenus’ fire attacks, including fireball projectiles, inflict fireblight that continuously drains your health for 30 seconds. Use nullberies to cure yourself or roll on the ground three times to put it out.

Use Shock Traps

Shock traps are good for halting Glavenus’ onslaught temporarily, especially when it is enraged. Press on the attack when the monster is helpless before the trap is destroyed. Note that Glavenus will gradually become immune to shock traps if you keep using them against it.

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